Saturday, December 1, 2007

The Next Great American Band - Top 5

So tonight was Rod Stewart Night.

Dot Dot Dot - Young Turks

These guys get better every week. Good song choice for them, it really worked. The back vocals worked well this week. Weird comment to the keyboardist...

Denver and the Mile High Orchestra - Baby Jane

It bugs me to no end that he calls himself and the band DMHO. It just does. Not. WORK! They were really good again this week. Denver just doesn't have vocals powerful enough to really take on the leader's role tho. I do think he has been pushing his vocals a lot the last 3 shows... But he is still not quite there...

Sixwire - Hot Legs

Those guys are such pros.... This was perfect for them. Awesome performance, although the singer's voice seemed a bit drown out by the band at times. Love the guitars on this, and while I liked the bass solo, it WAS in a weird spot. Steve's back vocals were again really nice.

Clark BrothersYou’re in My Heart

Ashley's vocals were a bit shaky at first, but then he shook it off, and it was beautiful. I loved the mandoline on this, and how Ashley was doing the rhythm with the guitar. And the background vocals really worked with the lead. It didn't bring me to tears like Sheila, but it made me misty eyed - it was passionate, as always, gorgeous and totally unique. I always listen to them with a sort of religious attention.

Light of Doom - Infatuation

Vocals were so much better this week. I thought it was the guitar that ruined it for them this week - way too much of it, way too loud and way too many fancy things done with it.

So Tres Bien goes home. I would have rather see them stick around one or two more weeks... But at this point, the bands who leave the competition are really good... So it's par for the course!

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