Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Next Great American Band - Top 4

This week, the Top 4 bands sing songs from Queen, as well as an original song. Contrary to the other weeks, instead of playing the two songs one after the other, they play the Queen songs first, then each band comes back to play their original.

The eliminated band was Dot Dot Dot. Since they were eliminated after the first half of the show, they didn't get an exit interview or anything. It made for a very anticlimactic reveal.

The Clark Brothers - “These Are The Days of Our Lives” and “Homestead”

Taking Dicko's advice to heart, The Clark Brothers added two members to their band this week - a drummer and a bassist. I'm not sure if it really was necessary, but it certainly made for a fuller sound. I just simply adore that band, and think they are just amazing. I love when they explode with the instruments, it always sell their performances to me. Every. Single. Time. Great, great, great version of the Queen song.

The Clark Bros original was really nice, too. I sort of agree with Dicko about the lyrics (it could have been a bit better), but it didn't make me enjoy the song any less. It's catchy - I had it in my head for a few days in a row. Again, explosion of instruments and vocals - FREAKING AWESOME!!!!

I disagree with Dicko about Ashley needing to embrace his inner rockstar - the fact that he and his brothers are humble and down to earth is one of the things that are very attractive about that band.

Light of Doom - “We Will Rock You” and “A Matter of Time”

Their Queen song was baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad. I kinda liked the beginning of it with the big huge drums played by everyone. But then they launched into a weird speed metal version that didn't do justice to the song. They virtually stripped away the song of it's melody. Bad, bad, bad.

Their original song was not much better. Their lack of experience really showed with this song. The lyrics were uninteresting, and while they all played their instruments rather well, the song doesn't have a melody for any of those instruments to shine. That was just noise. Bad noise. On the positive side, the singer's vocals really is improving.

Sixwire - “Fat Bottomed Girls” and “Go On”

Very happy that one of the bands decided to do that song. Even happier that Sixwire did it. The harmonies are killer, once again. Rocking version with a little country flavor that really worked for the song. I enjoyed the guitar solo at the end... Awesome!

Their original song was the strongest of the night. Great hook, beautiful melodies, killer harmonies. This song could be a hit. I m with Sheila - I wanna hear that song again, I wanna hear it in its entirety!

Denver and the Mile High Orchestra - “Sleeping on the Sidewalk” and “Big White House”

Argh.... DMHO just does. Not. WORK!!! Stop saying that! I quite enjoyed the song. Denver is pushing is vocals again, and he's sounding better and better all the time.

Good original song. It's true there is no real hook to it, but I'm not sure it really needs it. It worked well I thought. Finally Denver REALLY pushes his vocals, and he really shines. He looked so much more comfortable than on any other performance they've done so far.

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