Friday, December 14, 2007

The Next Great American Band - Top 3

Weird night tonight.... Light of Doom has been eliminated.

Denver and The Mile High Orchestra - September (Earth, Wind & Fire)

I HATE that song. Denver's vocals were really flat and without energy.

The Clark Brothers - Change the World (Clapton)

I didn't like it. Vocally, Ashley was great. But I didn't like the arrangement. They took out the melody of the song, and for me, that really didn't work. I appreciated the added lyrics at the end tho. It added a lot to the song.

Sixwire - Reeling in the Years (Steely Dan)

This was well sung, well played, but somehow it left me a bit cold. Lack of energy maybe? The guitar was killer (I think I have a crush on Steve!).

Round 1 - slight edge to Sixwire

Denver and The Mile High Orchestra - Vehicle by Ides of March

No. Just. No. It's too bad, because musically, this is a great song for the band. But Denver ruins it with uninspired lyrics that lacked some serious energy. It was better by the end, when Denver added a bit of spunk to the vocals.

The Clark Brothers - Amazed by Lonestar

OMFG. They gave me chills. This was beautifully played, beautifully sung. Damn Ashley is nervous tho. Nothing that really challenged them tho.

Sixwire - I'd Really Love to See You Again (Dan & Foley)

Like the Clark Bros, this song didn't challenge the band at all. It was nice, beautiful even. The harmonies were great.... Guitar playing awesome.

Round 2: Slight edge to The Clark Brothers

Denver and The Mile High Orchestra - Original

Best of the night for them. But again, there's something lacking.

The Clark Brothers - This Little Light of Mine

I absolutely adored that they sung the song that first got them in this competition. They needed this after their other two songs. That was amazing!

Sixwire - Good to Be Back

Great, great song. Glad they came back to that. This song is ready to be played on the radio.

Round 3: Slight edge to Sixwire.

I felt like tonight was a bit off for everyone. It's weird - Ashley seemed awfully nervous tonight. Andy's singing was very flat, and Denver's was even more so than usual. My feeing is that the producers want Sixwire to win - they are more easily marketable, and seem to have great material that is radio ready. But I would love The Clark Brothers to win....

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