Sunday, December 9, 2007

Blake Lewis - AOL Sessions

A little while ago, Blake and his band recorded a live show for the AOL Sessions. 13 clips of shibby goodness, including some Q&As, a behind the scene video and 5 performances of songs from Audio Day Dream.

Forgive the annoying commercials.


"Q&A: How did your band come together?"

"Q&A: Is 'Audio Day Dream' ('A.D.D.') reflective of the album's eclectic musical styling?"

"Q&A: Do you feel like your ‘Idol’ success can be used to turn new people on to electronic music?"

"Q&A: What were you looking for in people you worked with on ‘Audio Day Dream?’"

"Q&A: Lyrically, what do you want people to take from the album when they hear it?"

"Q&A: What are your five must-have '80s tracks on a mixtape and why?"

"Q&A: Do you know what your touring plans are yet?"

'Behind the Scenes (AOL Sessions)' Video

"Silence Is Golden (AOL Sessions)"

"Break Anotha (AOL Sessions)"

"Whatcha Got to Lose (AOL Sessions)"

"How Many Words (AOL Sessions)"

"Know My Name (AOL Sessions)"

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