Monday, December 17, 2007

Music Survey - Concerts

For once I found a survey floating around on the net that was about music!!! Just some silly fluff... :)

List 10 artists you've seen live in concert - no peeking at the questions before

2. Lukas Rossi
3. Greg Neufeld
4. The Killers
5. One Republic
6. Blake Lewis
7. Daughtry
8. Planet Smashers
9. The Watchmen
10. Bryan Adams

Song you wish you'd seen number 2 do?
His entire catalogue?

How many times have you seen number 3?
Only once... He'll be at The Berkely Church on the 29th of december, so hopefully my answer here will change!

Where did you see number 9 play?
Montreal. Can't remember the name of the club, but it was small - 500 at most... The crowd was so not into it, it was pretty bad... It's too bad, the band was AWESOME!!!

Favorite song number 8 played?
Pee in the Elevator - it's such a silly song, but the beat is awesome and you can't help but move to it!

Who did you see number 7 with?
With friends! Beth, Brenda and Roberta. Love those girls! They let me get my fangirl on. :)

Favorite venue you've seen 4 play?
I've seen them once.

Favorite concert moment from number 6?
Well, Blake was not exactly by himself on stage the whole concert. Yep, I went to an American Idol Tour concert... Hey, I had to do it to see Blake! Favorite moment from him would have to be the whole freaking thing. From his little 3 songs set where he loops himself to the medley he sang with Chris Richardson to the beat boxing battle... All of it was great.

Best thing about number 1's performance?
I've seen INXS 7 times in 2 years. They ALWAYS deliver. They are a fantastic live band that really, really connects with the crowd. All of them, including the drummer. Even if you are sort of meh on their music... Go see them live. You won't regret it!

Why did you go to see number 10?
Coz I love him! I saw him almost 15 years ago. It was only the second concert I had attended... We had cheap tickets in the nosebleeds, but it was still totally worth it. I danced my booty off in the stands, and sang along at the top of my lungs. It was great!

How many times have you seen number two?
Once with Supernova and three times as a solo act. I hope to see him again real soon with his new band, Stars Down!

Favorite concert you've ever been to for number 8?
I've only seen them once, so I guess that was my favorite from them!

Best cover song you've seen from number 4?
They did not play a cover song

Would you go to see number 7 again?
In a heart beat. The one time I've seen them, they were opening for another band, but I was totally there for Daughtry only. So I can't wait to go see them as the headliner!

Song you never really liked until seeing number 1 in concert?
None of them. I have my favorites, but everything they play I love.

Which albums do you own from number 6?
His American Idol EP *LOL* and his debut album, Audio Day Dream

Worst thing about number 3's concert?
It was way too short! He opened for Lukas Rossi and played for about 30-45 minutes. I could have listen to him sing and play for the entire night.

The only three songs that number 3 would have to play to make a concert?
Ever You
I'm Ready

How far did you travel to see number 5?
I've seen them once, in my own city. I'll see them again for sure when they come back here.

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