Thursday, December 13, 2007

Blake Lewis - Latest Headlines

Blake Lewis Enters The Album Chart At #10 And iTunes Publishes Its Best Sellers Of 2007


Audio Day Dream turned out to be a really great pop album, despite a few cookie-cutter Hip hop numbers, but perhaps the problem lies with Arista trying to market it with the lackluster "Break Anotha" as the first single. On iTunes, the public has taken the matter into their own hands by downloading the Human League-esque synth ballad "How Many Words" enough times for it to land in the online store's Top 100 Songs. Currently it's at #96.

A Brief Chat With Blake Lewis…


What’s been the biggest change in your life since American Idol?
The biggest change? Well I guess making my album. I’ve always wanted to [record] so I guess that’s a big change, but other than that, I’ve had a lot of new experiences. I’ve done interviews, like we’re doing now. I’m doing television more and more. I’m on stage and performing. And now I have a record!


Blake Lewis is better than a silver medal. Though he was an inch from snatching the top spot on the sixth season of American Idol, his new outing Audio Day Dream speaks for itself as an exceptional effort of pop and rock.

The multi-genre dipping, beat-boxing, heart throb of a talent says there is no boundary for his influences. 'Audio Day Dream' is an '80s-induced pop album with new school electronic vibes.

The album dominated the iTunes Top Pop Albums chart immediately after its first week, selling nearly 100,000 copies. Critics have supported his style and accepted 'Audio Day Dream' as an outstanding Idol release.

"This might be the most breathlessly paced, detail-packed "Idol" outing his performances on the show demonstrated, Lewis boasts a proudly eclectic creative sensibility..." (Los Angeles)

"Lewis has hit the most distinctive sound ever to come from an "Idol" Star...he also came up with the best album by any "Idol" alum yet... Blake Lewis....has actually come up with an album, "Audio Day Dream," that works perfectly as pop, but which also has a sense of - gasp! - edge." (Daily News)

"Co-writing all but one tune - and judiciously working that beatboxing - Lewis emerges with a stronger identity, proving, like Chris Daughtry, that winning isn't everything... Lewis definitely seizes his moment on "Audio Day Dream" (People Weekly)

"...Lewis nimbly negotiates ballads and rhythmic pop ditties..." (USA Today)

"The "Idol" runner-up now is liberated to enchant with his own "Audio Day Dream." And he does." (AP)

"...Lewis has delivered a post-Idol statement likely to advance his personality, with all its jittery contradictions." (The New York Times)

"Lewis gives fans plenty to get excited about here, even those with short attention spans." (Billboard)

"The music found on the album is shocking for all the right reasons: it's funky, filled with '80s-pop hooks and sounds like a knowing mash-up of Prince and Maroon 5..." (

"Snappy hip-hop beats and sampling thrills flavor ever track..." (Philadelphia Daily News)

"...oodles of charisma and a surprising musical backbone..." (Boston Herald)

"Bshorty's got a bombshell" (Seattle Post Intelligencer)

"Inside you'll find an entertaining blend of pop, hip-hop and techno, with more of an edge than we've come to expect from the average "Idol" crowd-pleaser." (The Plain Dealer)

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