Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Mob Law - Hold Us Down - Album Review

The Mob Law - Hold Us Down

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The Mob Law is a rock/hip-hop trio band from Seattle Washington. They recently released an album called "Hold us Down". Weaving rock, hip-hop and reggae through 17 songs - yes, 17!!! - the album flows well, has great empowering lyrics and is dynamic. I absolutely adore that they mix all those genres together throughout the album but also within the songs themselves. The album is available for purchase on iTunes and CDBaby. You can also visit The Mob Law's website and their Myspace Page.

1-Hold Us Down
I love this song as the opener. Edgy, rocking, catchy.

2-Save Me
The vibe of this one is amazing. The reggae and rock mix well in here and create a song that makes me want to close my eyes and just let my body move.

3-I Would Never
The lyrics of this song are great and well thought out. Makes for a nice hip-hop-y, rocky kind of tune. The drums are very present in this one, love it. Caleb's and Danny's vocals are very clear here, and compliment each other really well.

4-Can't Sleep
Being more of a rock chick, I really enjoyed this song. Pure rock with great guitar riffs, driving beats and beautiful vocals, with just the right amount of grit mix in it. The change in tempo near the end is a nice surprise.

5-Swingin' in the Trees
Nice little acoustic guitar to start off, great singer/songwriter vibe. Then the guitar grabs you and makes you take notice.

Oh, I love this one. Great guitar, awesome beat, but mostly, it's Caleb's vocals that just did it for me in this song. His voice really shines here. The lyrics are very good too... It doesn't feel right - I don't think you should know...

Awesome rock song, with just a tiny hint of punk. This one has great potential to be a radio hit! Nice little rap about mid-way through the song. That was a nice surprise!

8-Life Worth Livin'
Great opening, with some acoustic and electric guitar. Caleb starts singing... Rapping is more the term. Surprise, surprise! From the guitars at the top, I was expecting more of a rock song.... But that's not quite it. I think this song really is a great example of what The Mob Law is all about - a little bit of rock, a little bit of hip-hop, a little bit of reggae. Catchy song, makes you want to get up and dance and shake that booty!

9-This Mornin'
A little bit of a John Mayer feel right at the top. Very smooth, with hints of jazz throughout.

That's the song to pogo to. Sort of a Green Day feel to this one. Amazing beats, driving guitars... Fun song!

11-Keep on Shinin'
Straight up hip-hop, with hints of reggae. Another vibey, get up and shake that groovy thing kind of song.

Alright, this one reaks of reggae! Love the rapping, the edgy guitar, the rythm.... And the drum building up near the end.... Cymbal orgasm! Crank this up and dance!

13-Never Seen
Loving the guitar very much in this one. It's just too bad it sort of drowns the vocals at times... Freaking catchy chorus... Put 'em up, put 'em up...

14-Serial Killer
Driving down the street... Windows rolled down.... Headbanging, drumming the beat on the stirring wheel...

15-Strip Club
Love the drums in this one. They are really put at the foreground. It's a bit of a strange song, with clear rock parts, then a rapping part right in the middle of the song. That's what makes me love this song, this whole album - you never really know what to expect!

The end's amazing with the drum!

17-Waiting so Long
Great punk rock song, with an awesome, awesome rap! I can see this one getting the crowd in a frenzy at the top of a concert. Would make a great opener!!!

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17 track nailer! Start to Finish!

Taylor W