Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Magni Asgeirsson - Magni - Album Review

Magni Asgeirsson - Magni

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Magni finally release his new album! It is available in iTunes, of course. 13 songs, 11 new and 2 covers. It might not be what peopel would expect from Magni. There are a few rock songs, but most of the album has a great singer/songwriter feel to it. Soft, seductive vocals gently accompanying heartfelt and thoughtful lyrics. I'll be honest - at the first listen, I was a bit dissapointed. But I've always loved Magni's voice - so pure and clear - and so I decided to give the album a chance... And I am not dissapointed anymore. The more I listen to the songs, the more I love them!

1-If I Promised You the World
Magni's introspective lyrics and soft vocals take you on a journey to his heart. Great melancolic guitar, Magni gently offers this soft side of him to us.

2-Words Unspoken
The guitar is GREAT on this. Again, Magni's vocals are pretty soft and subdued. But it works for this song. This song gets better and better with each listen.

3- Play With Me
This song has apprently been written for Magni's son, Marino. The guitar and the piano are so good. Magni doesn't show the full potential of his voice on this, but it is showcase in a very beautiful and simple way. Uplifting song that can't help but make you smile.

>4-See You Tonight
This song showcase Magni and his guitar. Plain and simple. The guitar is haunting, the vocals are emotional. This feels so intimate. Simple. Beautiful. Gorgeous.

A more uptempo song, but still very melancholic. Magni's voice seems to be too soft for the guitar and the drums; feels like he's being drowned out. The chorus is really good - the guitars are totally captivating. There's even a little hint of spanish flavor in the bridge.

Acoustic guitar, slower tempo than the previous song. The percussions are catchy, creating a nice vibe fr this song. The pleading lyrics are poignant. This song offers a really nice set up for Magni's voice - going from soft, plentive, to powerful and gritty.

The melody is really beautiful. It has kind of a summery feeling to it, which is a bit of a strange contrast with the rather sad lyrics. Still, there's a bit of hope in there...

8-Tear us Apart
Piano and guitar, coupled with the beautiful vocals make this song a very catchy one. This is a love song filled with hope. I really like the way Magni's voice changes throughout the song.

9-You Say
The guitars and organ give a bit of a 70's feel to this song. Once again, I feel the mixing is not up to part and Magni's voice gets drowned out here and there. But his vocals are still beautiful and powerful.

Magni covered that song on the reality show RockStar Supernova. No one was left unmoved by his rendition. This recording of it is no exception. This is the perfect song to showcacse Magni's complete range, from the very soft, tender voice, the powerful, "angstful" grit. I absolutely adore that the guitar is really only accompanying his voice, that the vocals completely carry this song. I do miss the driving guitars a bit tho...

11-Let Me in the Dark
Oh the drums at the beginning totally pull me in. The most rocking song of the album. Great great guitar riffs throughout.

12-World Alone
Starts off with acoustic guitar alone, vocals are sad and melancholic. The keyboard adds to the melancholic feel of the song. The chorus allows Magni's voice to expand, to take off just a tiny bit... Heartbreaking.

13-Dolphin's Cry
This is another song that Magni covered on RockStar Supernova. I fell in love with it when he performed this on the show. This version is from the Birthday Bash concert in Reykjavik in December 2006. What a beautiful, pure voice Magni has. This is another song that really show Magni's voice full potential. Hearing the crowd sing along adds so much to this song. Another cover that is taylor-made for Magni!


Dream Baby Dream said...

I will be checking his album out soon! Thanks for letting us know what you think about it...I think I am even more intrigued, knowing that it is a singer/songwriter type album.

Melon said...

I had a lot of the same feelings about the songs on the album...I love the album but my biggest problem with it overall was that the vocal performance/mixing could have been stronger on a couple of songs. This is an album you have to spend some time with, but it is an excellent one from Magni! I have actually had the album since August and it is still in heavy rotation in my iPod. :)

Bouffe said...

Thank you for your comment, Melon!

I agree - this album needs to be listen to over and over again. It is not one that you fall instantly in love with... But with a bit of time, it gorws on you. I'll be honest - at the very first listen, I was kinda meh about it... Now??? I absolutely adore it. So yeah, I'd recommend to everyone to give this a chance... Keep on listening... Because it IS a very good album!!!