Monday, October 15, 2007

I've Been Tagged!

The lovely Cheryl tagged me the other day, and now I’m passing it on. List 8 things people probably don’t know about you, and then tag another 8 friends. It’s the Power of Eight! It's fun, and and it helps spread the love amongst your friends!

Eight things about Bouffe!

1-I’ve never been overseas. The only other country I've traveled to was the USA.
2-I've been thinking about getting a new tattoo (or two, actually) for over 2 years now. I still haven't qquite figured out the design I want to have permanently applied on me...
3-I design jewelry. Semi -precious stones, crystals and silver mostly.
4-I love ALL kinds of music. I thought I didn't like country, but I recently found quite a few country songs that I absolutely adore. My iTunes player is filled with all kinds of different music!
5-If I didn't have a family and lived in a small house, I would totally be a crazy cat lady!
6-I've moved a total of 8 times, but to 4 different cities. I've always moved WEST of where I lived previously, and I've always lived in the east end of any cities I've lived in! Strange huh?
7-I would absolutely love to go back to school.
8-I am totally lusting over two tech toys at the moment. I've never been into tech toys at all, so it's pretty new to me!

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