Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Jim McGorman - Exclusive Q&A on RBL!

You all know Jim McGorman, rhythm guitarist for the House Band on both RockStar INXS and RockStar Supernova, guitarist, keyboardist and lead singer of his band, Jamestown Ltd, and most recently guitarist and vocalist for Avril Lavigne's touring band.

Well Jim has agreed to do a Q&A exclusively for RockBandLounge.com!

If you always have wanted to know how it was to be part of the House Band, or what it was like to do a TV show every week, or even how it is to tour with Avril, what influenced Jimmy's music, etc.... Here's your chance!

Come by the Q&A thread on rockbandlounge.com


And ask away!

Bouffe and Kitch

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