Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Canadian Idol - Top 14

Top 14 - BOYS

Well, tonight was another good night. I think what I like the best about the boys is that they bring new songs to the show, songs that are for the most part contemporary and new to the Idol setting.

Matt Ripley - I'll Be There
I enjoyed the fact he was sitting down at the piano. It gave is performance some much needed added presence, if that makes any sense. He still sings beautifully, but he's still booooooooooring.

Greg Neufeld - Daughters

The Neufeld pimping continue... They really want him in the top 10! Greg does deserve to be in the top 10. That performance was FANTASTIC. AWESOME. BEAUTIFUL. SINCERE. GOGEOUS. GENUINE. I absolutely adored him sitting on the stairs, his guitar only, just him and the audience. Beautiful soft voice, awesome stronger voice, gorgeous. LOVED IT!!!!!

Tyler Mullendore - Keep on Rockin'
He twiched less this week. And I gotta say, I think he's pretty funny in his interactions with the judges and with Ben. But his 70's rock guy stik is getting a bit old.

Liam Styles Chang - Over Your Head
First, WTF is that outfit? Weird! *L* Oh well, he's got his own style, and that's alright. I think he sang this really well, but I didn't feel like it was a really compelling song to sing for a singing competition. It's not a singer's song, it's not really a performer's song... Well sung, but a bit blah to me.

Dwight D'Eon - Bright Lights
I liked Dwight this week. It reminded me of whyI liked him in the audition stages. The beginning of the song was pretty shaky, but when he kicked into gear, it was really, really good. The part they highlighted during the recap was my fav.

JayDee Bixbie - ???
Ok, I can't help it - this boy is so damn cute! He's got a great smile, the Elvis bedroom eyes, a great personality... I love the way he answers the judges. He sings well - although tonight was probably his weakest.

Brian Melo - Drive
Hum. I love that song. I really like Brian. It's totally in his zone. Somehow tho, it didn't quite reach my expectations. It was not bad, it was good, actually. But not great like I was expecting it to be.

My top 2: Greg, Liam
Bottom 2: Matt, Brian

Top14 - GRILS

The girls tonight were the best we've heard them. The boys are still singing/performing circles around them, but it was a much, much better show tonight than it was for the ladies last week.

Annika Odegard - Ordinary Day
I liked Annika at the piano. She plays well... Puts lots of energy in it. I think this was the best we've seen her. But still, something's not working for me there.

Khalila Glanville - For You I Will
She sang this beautifully. A few bum notes but overall very good! She seems deseperate to make top10, and it showed in her singing tonight.

Carly Rae Jepsen - Waiting In Vain
I liked this very much. She reminds me of Lisa Loeb for some reasons. Her physical performance doesn't thrill me, but her voice was great on this. Easily the best girl.

Montana Martin Iles - Ironic
Montana has been flamed for her strong accent, even making Perez Hilton's blog for singing tanks for the memories, instead of thanks. Personally, I think it's crap to treat someone has if they were dumb because of their accent - like Montana or not, she shouldn't be flamed for her accent. She could and should improve it, but where she comes from, everyone has a strong french accent when speaking english. Anyway, and let this be a FIRST, I LOVED Zach's comment about this after Montana performed. I feel dirty saying this, and I might puke, but Love ya Zach! *puke* Sorry. Anyway, I thought Montana's singing was not great, but once again, her physical performance ws great. She needs to sing punk, and I don't see that happening on the show, so she might be gone real soon. But she'll make top10.

Martha Joy - That’s the Way it Is
Ok, technically, this was very good. But it really didn't do anything for me. First I hate the song. Second, she needs to loose the pageanty smile. Third, she just rubs me the wrong way.

Tara Oram - When God Fearing Women Get The Blues
I like Tara. I don't really like country, but I like her. Her Carrie Underwood tendencies are a bit annoying, but she sings well. Stage presence, so so. I don't know if she is distinctive enough to make it tho.

Mila Miller - Rehab
I like Mila. she doesn't feel like she needs to belt out the money notes, and really, she doesn't need to. But this performance let a bit to desire... I thought the piano part was cool at first, but I wish she hoped off of it half way through. Would have added a bit of oumph to her performance.

Top2: Carly, Mila
Bottom2: Annika, Montana (but I think Khalila will take her place)


So, Annika and Montana went home for the girls, and Tyler and Liam went home for the boys.

I'm not surprised about Annika, but VERY surprised about both Tyler and Liam. I thought they hd bigger fanbases then that. It would have been cool to have the top 7 man, plus Carly, Mila and Tara for our top 10. That would have rocked!

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