Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Canadian Idol - Top 9

Tonight was a great night! The theme was songs of the 60's. I do have my favorites, and some singers just don't do anything for me - but all in all, it was the best night of the season so far. Really good! Everyone brought it tonight, and with one or two exceptions, I feel like all the idols produced their best performance to date.

I found it interesting that when Ben introduces all the idols, Greg and Dwight got the more cheers....

The COMPLETE show can be found here:


JayDee Bixby - Runaway
Elvis is so alive. It's true! I saw him perform on TV tonight! But he was blond... What's up with that? *LOL* The top of the song was a bit rough, but when he does kick it into gear, it sounds great. I found his physical performance lacked a bit, but still, I love hearing him singing and watching him perform. I too wished he would hve joined the background vocalists on the "aie aie aie aie aie". :)

Tara Oram - Suspicious Minds
It was a good performance. She sung the song really well. I didn't like the bridge tho. I kinda like the country arrangement of the song. Not my favorite of hers, but it was really good.

Matt Rapley - Whipping Post
First - Bo Bice owned that song, and no one will ever come close to what he's accomplished when he sang that song. Now that out of the way, I thought Matt showed a very different side of him tonight, and it was really good. His gospel roots were showing, and it was great to see that from him. I thought that his physical performance was lacking, but still, it was the bset he's done so far.

Dwight D'Eon - Undone
Ouch. I felt this was his worst performance so far. The end was great - and I found myself wishing he'd reach like that more often.

Carly Rae Japsen - Gorgia on my mind
This was GREAT! I love Carly Rae doing songs like that. I really enjoyed the arrangement, it really suited her. Good job. My favorite of hers so far.

Brian Melo - Bold as Love
WooHoo!!! This was so GREAT! I love Brian, damn he's good. Again, I think this was his best so far. Very solid!

Khalila Glenville - Natural Woman
Again, I think this was her best so far. Still, there's something missing for me when Khalila sings. She sings well, she's beautiful, but there's something that is just not there.

Greg Neufeld - Long Black Veil

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OMG. I'm dying. This was soooooooooo freaking smooth....... So freaking beautiful..... I'll never say it enough, I love his tone, the tiny little bit of grit he's got in there, the beautiful strong voice when he reaches, the gorgeous, soothing voice he's got when he sings in his lower register.... Love, love, love everything about this performance.

Martha Joy - Love Child
Hum.... Just no.

Top 2: Greg and Brian
My Bottom 3: Martha, Khalila, Dwight
Real Bottom 3: Khalila, Tara, Dwight

Going home: Khalila


So B3 was Khalila, Martha and Brian. WTF? Brian? He so didn't deserve to be in there! Khalila went home - it's too bad - she's a good singer, but I don't think she was quite ready yet to go the long distance.

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