Monday, August 4, 2008

Canadian Idol - Season 6 - Top 7 - Performances

Top 7!

Tom Jones worked with the idols this week, as they take on hits from the U.K.

Mark Day -Bleeding Love
Oh boy. It's nice to hear Mark sing a modern song, and I think that if he really felt the lyrics, he could have really hit a homerun with this. As it is now tho, it was merely ok. No real emotions behind his vocals, cheesy stage presence with the pointing at the audience, and it seems like he tried too hard when he pushed his vocals here and there. Very meh.

Mitch Macdonald - Jealous Guy
Good song choice for Mitch. The beginning is rough and seems too low. But when he reaches for the higher notes, it sounds really good. Not bad, but not his best.

Doody... Oh Ben...

Drew Wright - Creep
Gotta be honest - when I heard Drew was doing Creep, I said to myself - NO FUCKING WAY is he going to pull this off. While his cover is not my favorite of all the ones out there (hello David Cook, Lukas Rossi, Magni!), I thought he did a really, really good job. I dind't care for how the song was cut, but that's not really in his control, so I won't hold it against him. I thought his vocals were the best I've heard from him so far, and holly molly that RUUUUUUUUUUUUUN was impressive. The makeover makes it all the better for me - while before I could not watch him perform, this time I could. don't care for the nose ring tho... All in all, really good from Drew.

Theo Tams - You Had Me
I was nervous for Theo when he asked for advice on stage presence. But boy, those worries faded away quickly! I really didn't care for the big shoulder jacket, but the little bit of facial hair - WOW! And I didn't think Theo had the growl in him - I was wrong, he does! I really enjoyed his performance - vocally it was strong (although the beginning seemed a bit rushed) and the performance was really good. Awesome!

Mookie Morris - Lola
That was good. Great choice for him. Too low in the beginning, a bit shaky. But when he kicks into gear in the second verse, it sounds great. Performance wise, I'd love to see a bit more from him. From the judges comments, seems like Mookie might not get the votes the judges/producers want him to get...

Amberly Thiessen - Put Your Records On
I'm not too fond of this song, so this might cloud my judgement somewhat. I really didn't like this performance from Amberly. She was on pitch, but she seemed so uncomfortable without her guitar, concentrating so hard on how she'd perform the song that I felt her vocals suffered - no power, no feelings, no passion. Not good. Seems like the judges disagree...

Earl Stevenson - Change The World
Hey Tom, how's it going? *L* I love Earl and his laid back attitude. Listening to him rehearse, I thought, wow, this will be GOOD... But it was not. :( And it makes me sad. I thought the beginning was weird, too low in the vocals and fake in the performance. Then the chorus - it sounded much better and I liked it. But this son, to me, doesn't go at all with Earl's style. The ending was totally WTF for me.

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