Monday, August 25, 2008

Canadian Idol - Season 6 - Top 4 - Performances

Tonight, the idols will perform a song from Anne Murray's catalogue, as well as a song of their choice.

Mitch Macdonald - Cotton Jenny
I'm not a huge country fan, but I thought this song really suited Mitch. It was right in his range, and it was a fun little song for him to sing. I thought his vocals were pretty good. I love Mitch's "Check it out, check it out, I can tap dance" answer to Zack. :)

Earl Stevenson - Killing Me Softly
Ah, I love that song! Great song choice for Earl - I absolutely adore how he sings it with the piano in rehearsal. I was a tiny bit disappointed with the arrangement for the actual performance, but Earl's voice on it was awesome, and the groove he put to it was great. Not as good as last week - yeah, bet lotsa people will say that because last week was absolutely KILLER! - but really good nonetheless.

BTW, Blake Lewis and Melinda Doolittle did that song thge very first night of the American Idol Season 6 Tour - they nixed it after that, and I still don't know why. Check it out!

Drew Wright - Hey Daddy
A bit of an odd choice for a show like Canadian Idol, but nonetheless, I thought it was a really good choice for Drew. It allowed him to be playful and totally relax on stage. It was fun, and his vocals were actually really good. I enjoyed it!

Theo Tams - You Don’t Know Me
Awwwwww... Theo can sing anything. He really, really can. He's looking really good in that dark blue shirt and his hair style is great. His voice has so much texture and feelings to it... I love it. I love that Anne told him to not sing so many runs, and I'm so glad he listened! I felt like his physical performance didn't match the emotion in his vocals, but that would be the only negative thing I'd say, because it was great.

Mitch - Between the Bars
I love when contestants go off the beaten path and choose songs that are not as well known to the public. Mitch has done that well this year, but not this week. This song was odd, a bit depressing, and while Mitch sang it well, I didn't feel anything when he sang. It was actually rather boring.

Earl Stevenson - The Joker
Aw, that was great! Love that he included "Ben Mulroney calls me Big Earl" *LOL* Too funny! I would have liked to hear a bit more energy in Earl's voice, but all in all the song was fun and great for him. Nicely done! What Jake said - that he felt like Earl didn't want to be there - was really odd. Earl seemed totally stumped with it. I'm not liking this at all.

Drew Wright - Gravity
Love Drew's guitar O face. *L* I thought this was good, especially in the parts where he pushes his vocals. It was kinda meh on the lower parts tho.

Theo Tams - Chariot
Great, great, GREAT! This kind of song suits Theo so well, it's like it is his own song. Love him at the piano, and love him ON the piano! That was a great move to go up there and made for an even more dynamic performance. Best of the night by a huge mile!

I think it is fairly clear that Theo was the best tonight. Earl was great, but seemed a bit off in his second song, and I can't get over what Jake told him (and the lack of response from Earl). Drew seems to be getting stronger and stronger, and while he is not my cup of tea, I can see the appeal. Mitch is very recognizable, but I feel he's a bit over his head in this now.

Mitch should be the one going home, but I am afraid it might be Earl's time... Hopefully not!

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