Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Canadian Idol - Season 6 - Top 7 - Results

Who will go home this week?

Ben asks the judges about what they thought of the previous night's show. Farley comes right out saying he hopes Theo, Mookie and Earl stick around for a while. The top 7 then performs some of Tom Jones' biggest hits. And Tom Jones himself closes the number with "It's Not Unusual".

Tom Jones now performs a new song, If He Should Ever Leave You.

Jullia Black tells us all about how the idols get ready, with makeup and fashion and all that. I love Earl, 'nuff said.

Finally on with the results...

Drew and Amberly first - Canada voted, and they are both SAFE.

Earl and Theo - Canada voted and they are both in the BOTTOM 3. WTF????

Mitch, Mark and Mookie - Canada voted, and Mitch is SAFE. Mookie is SAFE. Mark is BOTTOM 3.

So Earl, Theo and Mark are in the BOTTOM 3. Who will stay? Who will go? Let's find out...

Bye bye Mark... Very classy exit.

Next week, the Top 6 tackles Canadian Rock. WOO HOO!!!!! Montreal band Simple Plan will be there to show us how it's done.

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