Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Canadian Idol - Season 6 - Top 5 - Results

Results night...

We start with a recap from the previous night...

Tribute from the Top 5

Mitch singing Blakcbird was kinda weird... I love that song so much, it's probably one of my favorite, and I would have love to hear Theo sing it... Drew totally lost all the momentum he had built the previous night when he sang Eleanor Rigby. He even raised his arms to the side on the "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaah! Look at all the lonely people", just like David Cook did. No, Drew. Just no. Mookie singing Get Back was fun! I am ashamed to say that I don't know the title of the song Earl sang... Bad Bouffe. But it was good!!! And Theo with Let It Be. Just gorgeous. I was really disappointed he didn't sing this one last night.

I am TIRED with the Jully Black segments. And those questions... Weird! Hot Soup asking about the economy? *LOL* Earl's answer was totally staged, but it was still funny, I must admit.

On to the results...

Theo... Mitch... Canada voted... Theo is SAFE, and so is Mitch.

Earl... Mookie... Drew... Canada voted, and... Drew is the first member of the B2. Earl is SAFE. YEAH! Which means Mookie is in the B2.

Call me Monday, Jake?

Canada voted, and Drew is SAFE, which means Mookie is going home. Bye Mook... He seems a bit relieved... Breaking his guitar? What did that poor thing ever do to you? *L*

Next week is Ann Murray week... Oh boy.

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