Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Canadian Idol - Season 6 - Top 6 - Results

Results night... The top 6 goes to 5... Who will go home???

And we start with the group singing Sloan's Money City Maniacs. Then we go into a recap from the night before, done a la TSN Sports Center, with the two anchors, Darren and Jay. Weird.

Simple Plan perfrom their latest it, "Your Love Is a Lie".

Telus gets in the action and "helps the viewers get the idols a bit better". A viewer sent a question (this one was for Mookie): Who would you hang out with if you could, Neil Young or Bob Dylan? Moookie answers Niel Young...

Onto the results now...

Canada voted and Mookie joins Ben at center stage. Ugh?

Canada voted and Earl stays on the couch, Um...

Canada voted and Amberly stays on the couch, too...

Canada voted and Theo joins Ben at center stage. WTF? The crowd is booing...

Canada voted and Drew stays on the couch.

Canada voted and Mitch joins Ben at center stage.

Mitch, Theo and Mookie, the ones at center stage are all SAFE.

Earl, Amberly and Drew who were on the couch are in the BOTTOM 3.

Who will go home?

Canada voted and the idol going home is...


Next week will be judges choice and the idols will sing songs from the Beatles.

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