Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Canadian Idol - Season 6 - Top 6 - Performances

I will post the videos later once they are available. For now, here are my thoughts on each performances:

ETA: Videos are up! Thanks igrecman!

Simple Plan band members are the mentors.

Amberly Thiessen - 1,2,3,4
I thought this was an excellent song choice for Amberly. She looked much more comfortable without her guitar this time around. Seems like the tempo of the song might have been a tad fast for her, but I thought she sang it great. She looked GREAT, but I thought it was weird to go all dark with the look on a song like this. Zack's comment to her about Elvira was, while true, a bit weird, coming from the guy who's been showering her with love all season.

Theo Tams - Sweet Ones
Theo is back behind the piano this week. I guess he didn't like his trip to the bottom 3 last week... I wouldn't have either. His performance of Sweet Ones was awesome. I totally agree with the judges - when he performs at the piano, it's like the piano is part f him. It seems effortless and so very natural. I love that he got up and kicked the piano bench near the end. His voice was great on that, and the ending was just wow!

Mitch MacDonald - Love This Town
This was absolutely perfect for Mitch. I've always thought he has that acoustic, indie kind of vibe and he showed that tonight. Very well done. He doesn't have a powerful voice, but when it is put in the right context like this was, it is very, very, very pleasant.

Earl Stevenson - Little Bones
I absolutely love Earl. "I hope not, I love grandmas!" I mean, how can you not love him? I've loved him since the very beginning, where my top 4 were the Piggot Brothers, Theo and Earl. But tonight was a hot mess, and not a good one. Earl was pitchy like I've never heard him before. Sure he made the song his own and I appreciate that... But this was not good. It's like Earl is going in a direction that is not himself. Where are the beautiful vocals? The shy, yet confident demeanor? The soul? This was pitchy and whiny and nasally as hell. I'm scared for Earl. :(

It's funny how the judges seem to either hear things differently (granted things do sound different in the studio) or give comments to try and push their favorites. I agree with the judges that it is absolutely awesome that Earl is up there on that stage to be nothing more and nothing less than Earl. He's himself, no censor, and I love that from him. But this performance was NOT GOOD. I will be interested in hearing if the judges have anything to say about it during the results show.

Drew Wright - That Song
I have mixed feelings on this performance. On the one hand, I thought Drew's vocals were not very strong. He sounded shaky in places, and the music totally drowned him in others. On the other hand, I thought the ending was fantastic. It was a good move to finish on the mellow part of the song. I really am enjoying Drew in that rock guy persona, but I was expecting a bit more from tonight's performance.

Mookie Morris - Magic Carpet Ride
Didn't like the glasses, didn't like the dj scratching the disc. Kinda meh on the performance. Love the bridge and the ending. The mike throwing was cool, too.

My Top 3:

My Bottom 3:

Going home: I think Earl might be in trouble, but I'm gonna say Amberly.

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