Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Greg Neufeld - Greg Neufeld - Album Review


Yes, Greg has a new album out! And it is GOOD. Greg debuted this 7 songs album on tour with Lukas Rossi at the end of January 2008. Reviews of the shows I attended can be found here for The Horseshoe show in Toronto, and here for The Dungeon show in Oshawa.

1 - Leaving Song
I love the lyrics of this song. It is a sad song, but the guitar is very hopeful, almost joyful, like a liberation of some sort. Beautiful melody supporting Greg's silky vocals.

I tried to leave without using the door
But you deserve more
You deserve much more
These are the things
That I should have said
But I could never know
So I will sing them instead

These mistakes that I've made
I know what I've done
These regrets are coming home
Now that I've sung them

This is for you
It's a leaving song
And I know it's not much
But it's all I've got
And I'm not even sure how the ending should go
But it's gotta end so
Lalala la la
Something like
Lalala la la

2 - Secret
Oh I love the slow pace of this kind of jazzy song. It allows Greg's vocals to really shine high and bright, to envelop itself around the melody. The slightly plaintive guitar adds a touch of melancholy to the song. The bridge is where Greg's vocals really explode, taking it to the next level. Gorgeous.

Yeah you make me feel
Just like I did back when I was a child
And I just can't hold it inside
I gotta tell the world tonight
How you made me your

Dirty little secret
You never told me
To keep it
My mouth has run off and I'm
Sorry, at least I would like to be
But how can I break
A promise that I didn't
Oh yeah
How can I break
A promise that I didn't make
How can I break
A promise that I didn't even make

3 - Map of The Stars
The rhythmic guitar really makes this a song one cannot help but move to.It also lends itself really well to a live, acoustic setting. The layered vocals are awesme, too.

And in the black of the night
I caught a flicker of light
I swear it must have been you
Trying to reach me across the universe

How could you not stay
I was much too proud to beg
Now I know
Should not have let you go
We were so close to beautiful
We were so close to beautiful

And now I'm watching above
To get a glimpse of your love
And now I'm watching above above above yeah

I bought a map of the stars
To find the place where you are

4 - So Far
Greg recorded this song before. This rework version has a totally different vibe. The added instruments really support the beautiful lyrics, rendering them even more powerful. The bridge has a totally different feel to it than the rest of the song, but it all ties together brilliantly.

Did you know you are a part of my plan
Did you know I was trying to be a better man
A better man than the last

Look over your shoulder
I'm waving goodbye again
You keep walking forward
You never look back
And until the next time
When everything's new again
I'll be here waiting
My head in my hands

Waiting for life to break through
Break through the darkest night
And bring the new day
Wait for the words
To tell you
All that I feel inside
Instead I chase you away

5 - Sleep You Off
The passionate piano and the tribal drums pave the way to Greg's velvety vocals. So much passion and emotions in this sad song. Greg raspy voice really brings home these raw emotions. This song is AMAZING live.

Ok, it's light
I'll lay here for a little while longer
It didn't work
It didn't help
Maybe I should try to be somebody else
I hate this bed
I hate this room
Another 9:15 walking up without you
There's no where to go and nothing to say
You wouldn't want to see me like this anyway

If I can sleep you off
If I can close my eyes
And wake up like I forgot
If I can dream you out
Of all the things I've missed
Somehow ...... than this?

6 - Your Eyes
I totally love the vibe of this song. The drums and the bass really lay down a great backdrop for Greg's vocals. The chorus is catchy, one remember it easily. Very nice.

My world
Don't know
It's changed for good
The light it face to the darkness
Your eyes
They spoke
I understood
And now you're leaving
And the lights are going down down
On the street where we grew together down down
There's a shadow on this town

You said it all with your eyes
You said your goodbyes
Yeah so save your replies
And every single reason why
The lights have all gone out

7 - Powerless
What can I say about this song that I have not already? It's just so gorgeous... It's got it all... Beautiful guitar, plaintive cello, subtle vocals in their delivery yet powerful in lyrical content... Just brilliant.

Come find your way
Into this place
I won't breath a word
I just need your faith
Sometimes I don't mean
The words that I say
We are only human
And that's ok

There's no one else
To blame
No one else
To blame
We're just powerless to change

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