Thursday, February 21, 2008

American Idol Season 7 - Top 24 - Top 12 Guys

And a new season is on its way!!! I have to say I am not too fond of the use of themes for the first two weeks of competition. This is when we get to know the contestants, know what their music is all about, what they would most likely sound like on their album. That's when many contestants show originality. That's what got us Blake Lewis' All Mixed Up by 311, or his take on Jamiroquai's Virtual Insanity. I think the use of themes for this week and next is actually a disadvantage for the contestants.

David Hernandez - “Midnight Hour”

Very disappointed he went first. Let's hope the curse of going first will be broken and that David will stick around a little longer. I really like his tone and when he goes into his falsetto. Not his best tonight - he was nervous as hell - but I still think he's got enormous potential. I really enjoyed the beginning of the song. But yes, Simon is right - David needs to loosen up a bit!

Chikezie Eze - “I Love You More Today Than Yesterday”

While I appreciate Chikezie's tone, I didn't think neither is vocals nor his performance were up to par this night. The song and arrangement sounded very cruisehip, and, yes, I agree with Simon, it all sounded a bit (meaning a lot) cheesy. Not liking this.

David Cook - “Happy Together”

I don't want to like this guy - his cocky attitude really turns me off. Yeah, yeah, I know, I love cocky guys. But I don't like him. But I like him. He's good! Very good. Great even. I really enjoyed his performance this night. It was fun, original, and the vocals were killer. He looks very, very comfortable up there. The beginning of the song was great, I liked that he changed it up. And the mike stand twirling/playing... Hum hum good.

Jason Yeager - “Moonriver”

Jason has a nice tone to his voice. But this night, he showed himself to be nothing more than a good karaoke singer. His performance was really poor - I understand the guy is happy to be there, but he lost his concentration, looking around the set, smiling widely. This does not make the performance believable. His vocals were good, very good, but the song choice couldn't have been more boring.

Robbie Carrico - “One is the Loneliest Number”

I like this guy's look. I like this guy's voice. Not sure he's a real rocker or a real pop singer, but who cares? I like him, whatever he is. Not sure the song choice was the best - it was different, that's for sure.

David Archuleta - “Shop Around”

"Little" David. *L* I like his voice and his tone, very beautiful. He's got a very mature sound for a young guy. His song choice tonight was good. Not his best vocals, but he did good. He showed a different side to himself, and that was nice. He sounded a bit winded at the end - not sure if it was just the excitement or if it is due to the vocal cord problems he's had in the past. Nonetheless, I think he is a front runner, and rightfully so.

Danny Noriega - “Jailhouse Rock”

Hum, not sure about this one. His over the top maneurisms bordering on soil-brat-like attitude really bug me. But he does have a good voice. Not sure about his song choice this night - if you are not Elvis, you need a much bigger voice than that to sing this song, or any Elvis song, really. Didn't like this one.

Luke Menard - “Everybody’s Talkin"

Hello cutie pie!!! Luke looks like a mix between Patrick Dempsey and Rock Voisine. YUM! His song choice was a bit strange, but not bad for him. I think he did a good job, but it was a bit forgettable. He doesn't seem to have a very big powerful voice, but I think that's ok. I think his voice would be very well suited for jazz, or a Robin Thicke kind of music. I hope he'll stick around, because I think he can offer a lot more than what he showed us this night.

Colton Berry - “Suspicious Minds”

Hum, not sure what to make of this one. Colton did sing the song well, but did he have to sing it with a big huge smile throughout? Not appropriate for that song. And again, to sing an Elvis song properly, one needs a big voice (in my mind anyway), and well, that is just not Colton. The "I'm so happy to be here" attitude is cute, but not what I want to see from a performer.

Garrett Haley - “Breaking up is Hard to Do”

Garret is so happy, so optimistic, seems like a real nice guy. But OMG, his song choice this night was atrocious. So old fashioned for him. His soft voice is dull... But when he powers it out a bit, it sounds good. But, hum, yeah, didn't get that performance. Like, at all.

Jason Castro - “Daydream”

Jason has the distinction to be the first to play an instrument on a performance show. He does seem to be very comfortable up there on the stage. He's got that surfer-peace-and-love-living-on-the-beach-playing-my-guitar kind of look and vibe, and it is really working for him. He's got a bit of an unusual voice, a great falsetto and a great attitude. I like him.

Micheal Johns - “Light My Fire”

One of my favorite. He's cute, he's got a great soulful, raspy voice, a great attitude and very good stage presence. I was a bit disappointed that he sang a song he did during Hollywood Week, but he still did a great job with it. Very much looking forward to hearing something else out of him tho.

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