Wednesday, April 1, 2009

American Idol - Season 8 - Top 9 - Results

Group sing is to the Journey's tune "Don't Stop Believing"

OMG, group sing use to at least be snarkably awesome... But this year? I cna't even snark on this. The lipsynching is awful, and while the vocals are good.... It's all... Blech.

The idols are hving fun imitating each other - pretty funny!

Megan, Matt and Kris are asked to go stand at one end of the stage.

Adam, Lil and Allison are asked to go stand at center stage.

Scott, Danny and Anoop are asked to stand at the other end of the stage.

David Fucking Cook! singing his new single Come Back To Me


Kris... is SAFE

Matt... is SAFE! He thought he was going to sit in the B3 stools, but no, he's safe.

Megan... is in the B3

Lil... is SAFE.

Allison... is in the B3.

Adam... is SAFE.

Danny... is SAFE.

Scott and Anoop are left. Scott is... SAFE! Anoop is in the B3.

Lady Gaga sings Poker Face.

Allison is SAFE and going back to the couch of safety.

Megan and Anoop are left. Facing elimination is Megan - Anoop is SAFE.

And the judges are not using the save on Megan, so she is headed home.

Next week's theme - songs from the year they were born.

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