Wednesday, April 22, 2009

American Idol - Season 8 - Top 7 - Results Part 2

Double Elimination Night...

Group number, song is "Let's Dance"... Back to lipsynching... The choreography was pretty good! Matt is a good dancer... I dare say this one rivals the best group dance last year...

Ford Video "I'm Good I'm Gone" - actually quite boring after this group number...

Lil up first, and she's asked to walk to the far side of the stage. She received the lowest number of votes, I guess, as Ryan says it's the end of the road for her. She sings her song "I'm Every Woman" again. The judges give her props and advices for her career.

Frieda Payne sings "Band of Gold", and is dancing, and she's out of breath and it's pretty bad. Now its Thelma Houston singing “Don’t Leave me This Way”, and she sounds much better. She then introduces KC and the Sunshine Band and they perform "Get Down Tonight". Hilarious!

Back from the commercial, and Ryan is back at it.

Kris stands up and Ryan says he's SAFE!!!!

Adam stands up now, and the crowd is going crazy! Ryan says that Adam is SAFE.

Danny now stands up and Ryan tells him he is SAFE.

Which leaves Allison, Anoop and Matt.

Anoop now stands up. Ryan tells him he is in the BOTTOM 3.

Allison and Matt now stand up. Ryan says Matt is SAFE! Allison is in the BOTTOM 3.

I'd be shocked if it was Allison going home. BUT... She did sing early in the night, while Anoop sang last... I don't think a contestant who got the pimp spot has been sent home before in previous seasons....

Singing "Touch My Hand", this is David Archuleta!!!!!! Let the girl screams commence..... *L*

Back from the commercial break, and Ryan announces that Anoop is going home. Allison is SAFE. So Anoop sings "Dim All The Lights" once again.

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