Tuesday, April 7, 2009

American Idol - Season 8 - Top 8 - Performances

Songs from the year they were born

Danny Gokey - Stand By Me - 1980
Love, love, love that song, but hate, hate, hate that version. Danny sang it well enough, although I would have loved to hear more of his soulful vocals along the way. The end was great, but other than that? Not great.

Kris Allen - All She Wants To Do Is Dance - 1985
A bit of a weird choice for Kris. I liked the funky version, and that suited him well. He sang it well, his voice was great, but there was a little bit of oumph missing from it all.

Lil Rounds -What's Love Has Got To Do With It - 1984
She looks great - love her hair and her make up. Very obvious song choice for Lil. She started the song really off. And instead of making the song her own, she is sounding like a pale Tina Turner imitation. She's a good singer, no doubt, but she is not rising to the challenge at all so far.

Anoop Desai -True Colors - 1986
Born the same day as David Cook. *LOL* Anoop made me laugh that he had to mention that. Anoop's shirt is distracting me. Like, I can't stop watching it. Anoop sounds very nasal tonight. I really enjoyed the slowed down, stripped down beginning. But once the band kicked in, it was kinda meh for me. Anoop sang it well enough, but, there was passion missing from it. I LOLed real hard at Simon's "you're like a singing yo-yo" comment.

Scott MacIntyre -The Search Is Over - 1985
I don't think I know that song. I enjoyed this. What a nice surprise to see Scott standing up, playing the guitar, and not just any guitar, the electric guitar! His high notes were off, which is too bad because the rest of his vocals were pretty good. I think I would have prefered to see him play this song at the piano, but all in all, it was not bad. But not his best.

And OMG, isn't so freaking obvious which contestants the judges like versus who they don't want there???? It's like it's killing them to say anything positive about Scott. I'm a Danny Gokey fan, but there was not that much positive in his performance tonight as the judges lead us all to believe. It really is sickening how they are pimping their favs...

Allison Ireatha -I Can't Make You Love Me - 1992
Great song choice for Allison. The beginning is a bit rough, but once she starts with the chorus, she sounds really good. I did not enjoy the runs she sang.... But she's by far the best one so far tonight. There was some passion missing to her delivery, tho.

Matt Giraud -Part Time Lover - 1985
This song will forever be associated with Chicken Little (season 4?) for me. *LOL* Loved how Matt started out, the falsetto was amazing. He sounds really great, love that arrangement for him. He reminds me a bit of Chris Richardson singing all those runs. Really good vocals, except for that really high falsetto near the end... Ouch... And yeah, the judges are running out of time, so really freaking short comments.... I think Matt did pretty darn good tonight. My fav so far.

Adam Lambert -Mad World - 1982
That is an absolutely gorgeous song. HATE the damn blue lights. Adam looks like he's sitting on a cloud of lights, weird. His vocals are controlled and absolutely amazing. Aside from that really freaking high note, his vocals and his performance were PERFECT. His last note was botched, but oh well. FINALLY a performance that was GOOD! My absolute fav from tonight.

My ranking

Best - Adam
Worst - Lil

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