Wednesday, April 29, 2009

american Idol - Season 8 - Top 5 - Results

Who will be going home tonight???

Over 47 million votes last night!

Simon says last night's show was the best show he's ever seen at this stage of the competition. He says that everyone was good. Hum, not what he said last night...

Taylor Hicks will be on the stage, as well as Nathalie Cole and Jamie Foxx will sing his single "Blame It"

The new Ford vid - Energy

Medley "What Good Is Melody" and "I Got Rhythm" Finally it was live and good!

Back from commercial, and Ryan chats with the kids, who are all sitting on the couch. Mentions Danny's and Allison's birthdays. They are showing us a clip of the Top 5 going all "Martha Stewart", baking a cake and... of course having a food fight!

The kids now go center stage, and Ryan delivers the results.

Matt first. He's asked to stand at the right side of the stage.

Danny next. He's standing on the left side of the stage.

Allison next. She is asked to stand next to Danny.

Kris, and the first time the crowd screams for someone. And he goes to stand next to Matt.

And we are left with Adam. He is asked in which group he belongs. He goes "Based on last night, probably over there" pointing at Danny and Allison.

And Adam's got it wrong - Bottom 3 is Matt, Kris and Adam.

Wow! Shocking indeed!

Allison and Danny are safe, and they can't believe Adam is in the B3. Of course, there are only 5 of them, so 60% of them will be in the B3, but.... Simon says that they've opened up the competition, and that now it's America who decides. Hum, not what he said last night... Then Randy that goes on and on praising all 5 of them... Are we in for a shocker elimination?

Back from commercial, and Nathalie Cole sings "Something’s Gotta Give". Great performance!

Matt, Kris and Adam are now backstage, waiting to hear what their fate will be. Next up, Taylor Hicks' return to Idol!

Taylor Hicks sings "Seven Mile Break Down" off his new record "The Distance". He's looking great and sounding even better! Really liked the song.

Now Matt, Kris and Adam are called at center stage. He's sending one person back to safety, and it is... KRIS! So Kris is safe!

Back from commercial, and Jamie Foxx performs his smash hit "Blame It". Me no likey this at all.

Alright, last commercial before we know who goes home.

Alright, here we go. Adam is safe, Matt Giraud is going home. He closes the night with his rendition of "My Funny Valentine".

I'll miss him!

Next week's theme - Rock and Roll! And Slash will be the mentor...

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