Wednesday, April 15, 2009

American Idol - Season 8 - Top 7 - Results

Group sing

Movie with Zach Effron


Allison stands up and she is... SAFE.

Adam stands up. Anyone doubts he's safe? Of course he's SAFE.

Anoop stands up. I'd bet 100$ he's in the Bottom 3. Is he? Ryan's toying with him a bit... And yeah, anoop is in the BOTTOM 3.

Jennifer Hudson is now singing "If This Isn't Love" off of her debut album. She's not sounding particularly good... and the song is not particularly good either...

Ryan asks Paula if Anoop deserves to be sitting in the B3. She says no. Simon is asked the same question, and he says yes.

Kris is asked to stand up, as well Lil. They are talking about Kris' performance, and Simon says "We didn't have a chance to talk last night, but I thought you were brilliant". YES SIMON YES! Now onto Lil's performance. She's explaining why she defended herself last night. Lil, it's ok. One of them is in the B3... and Kris is SAFE! Lil is in the BOTTOM 3.

Matt and Danny are now standing up. Chat about Matt's song, Matt said that in retrospect, he probably would do it over again in a more straight forward way. As for Danny, he says the reason he didn't change up the song is that he wanted to do a strip down version of the song as opposed to having the drums and everything else surrounding him. Randy said that Danny worked it out last night. One of them is safe, and it is.... Danny. Matt is in the BOTTOM 3.

I think America got it right - this is the right bottom 3 in the mind.

Ryan sends someone to the couch right away - and it is Anoop.

Miley Cyrus performs. Blech.

Back from the commercial, and Ryan says Lil is safe. Matt is the one who got the least amount of votes.

Matt sings "Have You Ever Really Love A Woman". He sang it MUCH MUCH better than the previous night. Now, are the judges going to use the save on him??? The crowd is chanting "SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE SAVE!"

MATT IS STAYING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So two people are gonna go home next week. And the theme? Disco night!

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