Sunday, March 1, 2009

American Idol - Season 8 - Top 36 - Week 2 - VIDEOS

I am just getting around to watching this week's performance show. Yeah, that is how interested I am in Idol this year. *yawn*

Jasmine Murray - “Love Song” by Sara Bareilles - VIDEO

I thought it was nice that she chose a fun, young sounding song, but boy oh boy did she do it all wrong. She was off key a lot, and her expressions were really weird. Not liking this at all.

Matt Giraud - “Viva La Vida” by Coldplay - VIDEO

I like Matt a whole lot. His performance Hollywood Week really was great. But this? Not so much. It's a simple song to sing... No need for runs that never ends. Matt used way too many of them, and he did not use them very well, I should add. I was expecting much more from him. Still hope he goes through.

Jeanine Vailes - “This Love” by Maroon 5 - VIDEO

Absolutely awful. She certainly will suffer from lack of exposure on AI, and with a performance like that, she's not helping her case. Blech.

Nick Mitchell - “And I Am Telling You” - VIDEO

I just love him. I can't help it! He does not belong on American Idol, but damn, he still can sing! He's so funny and entertaining. His deadpan ending on the song was absolutely hilarious! I hope he gets some offers from his time on AI.

Allison Iraheta - “Alone” by Heart - VIDEO

I really like her looks. And I like her attitude, too. She didn't impress me performance wise - I thought it was a bit too manic at times - but WOW on the voice. That song is so overdone in those type of shoes, and yet, I wanted to hear how she'd sing it. When she started with the chorus... AMAZING. Love the raw-ness of her voice, the raspiness.

Kris Allen - “Man in the Mirror”- Michael Jackson - VIDEO

Hated the ending. Other than that... WOW!!!! I loved it. Kris might be one that could go through even without all the exposure that the favorites have had. This was a really good performance, both physically and vocally. That song was perfect for him - loved how it started low, and gradually got more exciting until Kris exploded in the chorus. Really enjoyed this. I would have loved to hear his take on that Michael Buble song he did in Hollywood...

Megan Joy Corkrey - “Put Your Records On” by Corinne Baily Rae - VIDEO

I like her voice - it's different than what we have heard so far. She chose a good song for her voice. The physical performance was really weird, almost uncomfortable tho... I don't know. Not bad but not great.

Matt Breitzke- “If You Can Only See” by Tonic - VIDEO

I like his voice and his song choice... But the performance was boring and cheesy. I disagree with Simon - I think it was a good choice for him. I just wish he had put a bit more power and passion in his vocals.

Jesse Langseth - “Bette Davis Eyes” by Kim Carnes - VIDEO

Meh. I think at times there were moments in the song where I went "Oh wow, this chick can sing..." but most of the times it was "why did she pick that song?" I did not enjoy that performance very much. And it's too bad because she can really sing... and she's got a really interesting voice.

Kai Kalama - “What Becomes of the Brokenhearted” by Jimmy Ruffin - VIDEO

Hum. First half I thought the performance was sleazy. Second half, he seemed more comfortable and I saw much more passion put into the singing. Voice was good throughout... But boring song over all.

Mishavonna Henson - “Drops of Jupiter” by Train - VIDEO

Seems like this could have been a great song for Matt Giraud... The beginning was good, and I liked her take on the song. But then she got over excited and she started going off pitch... Meh at best. I do like her and her voice, hope she makes it somehow.

Adam Lambert - “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction” by the Rolling Stones - VIDEO

I quite liked the slow, sexy beginning. But when he kicked into high gear, he lost me. I hated the high pitched "singing", the physical performance was weird and uncomfortable, and Adam just didn't touch me at all. There's only Mick Jagger that has the bravado needed for this song... Adam didn't have that. I have to admit that he does have an incredible range and he can really sing! But it's not really reaching me yet.

Of course now the results are in and all, but before knowing the results, I'd say Adam, Allison and perhaps Kris or Matt will go through.

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