Wednesday, March 4, 2009

American Idol - Season 8 - Top 36 - Week 3 - Results

WOO HOO!!!!! A Daily AntheM from David Cook is being used for the montage at the beginning. YEAH!!!!!


The 12 contestants sing "Hot and Cold". I'm glad they are using more current songs for the group sings, but they are still corny and cheesy to the max!!!!


And here we go with the results...

Lil - IN (is that really any surprise?) And she sings her song again, "Be Without You" - good job!


Ariana - OUT
Taylor - OUT
Alex - OUT
Kendall - OUT
Scott - IN Scott sings again, and he did a great job again with "Mandolin Rain"


Nathaniel - OUT
Kristen - OUT

On to

Felicia - OUT
Von - OUT

Ju'not - OUT
Jorge - IN A little surprising, but good for him. He will sing "Don't Let The Sun go Down On Me" later.

Now onto the wildcard thing.... We will know tonight who is coming back for the wild card show tomorrow night.

8 people will come back for tomorrow's show and sing again.

Randy picks Von Smith
Kara picks Jasmine Murray
Paula picks someone from the first round - Ricky Brady
Simon picks Megan Joy Corkrey (not surprising, Simon has a hard on for her...)


After the break, Randy picks Tatiana (OMFG - not really surprising tho, as she's such a drama queen she makes for good tv - and she can sing, even if she's fucking annoying!)
Kara picks Matt Giraud! YEAH!
Paula picks Jesse Langseth
Simon picks Anoop Desai (no surprises there)


Jorge sings us out with "Don't Let The Sun go Down On Me".

Seacrest out!

Of that group, I'm thinking Anoop, Matt and Jesse will make it...

Thanks to for the videos.

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