Wednesday, February 18, 2009

American Idol - Season 8 - Top 36 - Week 1 - Results

The night starts with a group sing of "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz.

While it was refreshing to hear some recent, relevant material on AI, the singing itself was not great... But it was still entertaining, if not for the sheer cheese value of it all.

Now onto the results. Ryan calls the contestants to center stage, chats with them, announces the results.

Casey - out
Stephen - out
Alexis - in - She sings an encore of her song" I Ain’t Never Loved a Man". And she does it even better than the previous night!


Rickey - out
Jacquie - out
Anoop - out (I'm sure he'll get a wildcard spot...)
Michael - in - He sings "I Don't Want To Be" again. And while i still think this was not a song for him, he does it better than the previous night, too.


Michael Johns and Carly sing "The Letter" - individually, they sounded great... But together, it was not so great.


Anne Marie - out
Brent - out
Stevie - out

Tatiana - out (oh the drama! I thought she was going to faint!)
Danny - in and he sings "Hero" again as the encore and it sounds great!


Next week's group will be:

1. Megan Corkrey
2. Kris Allen
3. Mishavonna Henson
4. Matt Breitzke
5. Allison Iraheta
6. Matt Giraud
7. Jasmine Murray
8. Kai Kalama
9. Jesse Langseth
10. Adam Lambert
11. Jeanine Vailes
12. Norman Gentle

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