Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Light On - Some More Thoughts

I woke up with "Light On" in my head this morning. I've been listening to it this morning, a lot, to try and see what I really like about the song.

Well first, it's DAVID FUCKING COOK! Hello... *L* Just the fact it's him, his voice, makes it all better. I'm very proud of him (as weird as it sounds) and am really happy that he's finally realizing his dream

I'm still pretty peeved at how overproduced the song is. David's voice is so fucking GORGEOUS just on its own, there's really no need for any bells and whistles to enhance his voice. The magic is in his pure vocals, not in how a studio can make it sound.

Once past that... The other negative thing I have to say is about the glory notes. I love the glory notes, I really, really do, but I feel they are not well placed in the song, if that makes any sense. It's like who ever wrote the melody said to themselves, ok, we need a glory note.... here.... and another one.... there... Oh and there, too.... Ya know? It feels a bit forced to me.

Other than that... There are some real nice moments in there. I like how the song starts with the piano only. David's voice on that first verse is full of sadness, and I really can feel it in my bones. I love his growl throughout. The "You don't know how bad it feels" is chill inducing. THAT's a well placed glory note. The long sustained note that opens the guitar solo (a nice solo at that) is.... OMG, THAT is David Cook. I really love the bridge - the higher register, gravelly voice fits very well there. And the slowed down part???? *POOF* *THUD* *DEAD* By far my favorite part in this song. David shows off his voice without any bells nor whistles, and proves just how gorgeous it really is on its own.

I'm not too fond of how the song ends - it seems like it's cut off and not properly finished. But... That last note David holds, letting it slowly dying in his throat.... *POOF* all over again.

There, just some extra thoughts on the song... I can't say that I absolutely love it just yet, but it's growing on me...


Véronique said...


Je te conseille d'aller écouter Light On sur ce site:

La qualité sonore est vraiment meilleure et la chanson semble un peu moins "overproduced". Ce n'est pas parfait, mais ça semble quand même moins pire que sur le site popeater.

Bouffe said...

Hum, merci! Je vais aller voir ca...