Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Canadian Idol Season 6 - Final Results

This is it! Tonight, whatever happens, Canada will have crowned its Canadian Idol. This season was quite special, with many very talented singers, artists and musicians. One can even argue, the most talented yet. Who will Canada choose as its Idol? Will it be Mitch Macdonald, Pitchy Mitchy, lover of local, pittoresque, folksy canadian music? Or will it be Theo Tams, the classically trained piano man with the amazing voice? Regardless of my preference, I think both would make great idols, as it is clear they love music, love canadian music and would represent the country very well.

But enough blah blah... On with the show!

We start with a medley with our Top 10... Can't Stop This Thing We Started by Bryan Adams. Yeah, more Bryan Adams!!!! All the idols have a little solo song. First Adam Castelli. Nice to see Sebastian Pigott singing "Down On The Corner", complete with a little funky dance... *L* Now it's Amberly Thiessen. Oh, Mark Day with Phil Collins "You'll Be in My Heart"... *L* Oh, and now Earl comes on stage on his skateboard, sunglasses on, sounding totally funky and soulful. LOVE IT!!!! Katherine St-Laurent with more 80's style rock... They really pigeonholed her... Now Mookie with a very british inspired song (I know it but can't remember the title now...). Mitch now.. Looking good with his shirt... Love the drums and the clapping. Wow, I'm loving him on this song!!! Theo with funky yellow glasses singing an Elton John song. *shakes head* And Drew, of course, with the rock song, singing Lenny Kravitz "Are You Gonna Go My Way". All the idols come back to finish with
Bryan Adams song again.

Ben talks to the judges now, and asked totally stupid filler questions... *sigh*

Looking back on all the people who auditioned, to the music of Simple Plan, Miss Me When I'm Gone.

Hedley takes the stage now to sing their latest single "Old School". Wow Jacob looks like... I don't know, a weird cross between an italian mob guy and Jesus? Regardless, he sounds really good. He's really worked on his voice and it shows. I really like the song!

Ben chats with Mitch, and they show live images of Porth Hood, NS. Wow, they interview Mitch's uncle who's from Michigan. He says that every Monday, he drives to Canada and then vote for Mitch from there. Now that is dedication.

And now a little segment with Jully Black. Meh. Oh, and she sings, too. Meh.

And now Ben interviews Theo Tams. They check in with Lethbridge AB. His grade 5 teacher is interviewed. Ben makes a fool of himself.... Segway to a montage of all the mentors and invited artists we saw on the show this year; Tom Jones, Bryan Adams, Anne Murray, John Legend, Simple Plan...

So far it is a pretty lukewarm finale....

Oh boy and now it's Mariah Carey.... *fast forward*

Ben and Farley travelled to Malawi. We are shown how poor the people there are, but also how full of hope they are. Unicef programs are in action there, and Ben and Farley see what's being done through those programs.

Quick segway to an inspirational song with the Top 10. Sebastian Pigott is so cute, and he sounds really good. He looks really happy.

Hey there Kurt Browning!!!

Brian Melo performs his latest single, "Back To Me". Sounding good...

We are all canadians... It's a cute segment and testament to canadian music, and how different it might be from one region to another, but how very canadian this love for music is. The contestants talk about how their hometown support was so important.

And for the final time, the Top 10 sing together. Home from Daughtry!!!! While I love the song, it's a bit strange that is what they chose to represent us canadians... Oh well.

The judges talk about Theo, how unforgettable his inital audition was - sweaty arm pits!!!! They talk about how they didn't know what kind of musician he really was, since he didn't play piano until Top 200, when he performed a song called "In a Life". Spectacular they say.

Theo now performs "Weak In The Knees", my very favorite he did during the season. Beautiful.

And now the judges talk about Mitch. Sass remembers she said that Mitch is the kind of person that sneaks in and wins the show... We'll see if she's right soon I guess! Mitch had a great instinct to choose the right song. Genuinely nice guy!

Mitch performs Love This Town once again. So great for him. Perfect.

After a look back on their season, Theo and Mitch perform together for the last time. Surprisingly their voices go well together.

Finally the results...

We learn that the Top 3 will head across the country on a 26 date tour, with guest appearances from the rest of the Top 10.

Canada voted...

And the next Canadian Idol is...

Theo Tams!!!!!

Wow, he's so emotional and crying and all... Mitch was a class act, smiling the whole way and congratulating Theo. Very nice to see.

Theo closes the show singing his single, "Sing".

Great season!!!!


Jill said...

It appears you & I had much the same take on last night's show! I laughed out loud when you called Jully Black's performance "meh" - EXACTLY what I called it on my blog! LOL

So happy to see Sebastian again last night. :)

Bouffe said...

I really enjoyed seeing Sebastian again, too. I missed him!!! I have to go read your blog - seems like we shared a brain!!!