Monday, September 15, 2008

To Have Heroes - Andy Skib - Tulsa, OK, Sept 12 2008 - VIDEOS

Andy, one of David Cook's old band mate and friend, was giving a show this weekend in Tulsa, OK. Andy sounds amazing live, and those videos are a must see, especially if you are not familiar with his songs. Don'tGive Up On Us sounds absolutely fantastic live....

Thanks to livehead16 for the following videos!

Story of Your Life

Don't Give Up On Us

The Waiting (Tom Petty cover)

Thanks to dizzysyd for the following videos

With Bryan Jewett - Jesus Ranch (Tenacious D)

Anodyne (MWK Luna Despierta EP)

'Til I'm Blue (MWK Judging a Bullet CD)

Thanks to marratha for the following videos:

With Bryan Jewett - Circles Anthem (MWK Incoherent with Desire To Move On)

Two Boys, One Cup *LOL*

Thanks to Suze109 for the following video:


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