Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Canadian Idol - Season 6 - Top 2 - Final Performance

Here we go... The season is coming to an end and we are faced with the last night of performances.

Let's get to it, shall we?

John Legend and Hedley worked with the Top 2 this week. The idols will perform three songs each; one chosen by the judges, one chosen by the contestants and one that will potentially be the first single for the eventual winner.

Mitch Macdonald - Paris (Contestant Choice)
Seems like the sound mix is fucked up - his guitar is barely audible. Hum. Nevertheless, I thought this was a nice performance for Mitch. Nothing earth shattering, but nice and comfortable all the same. I didn't know the song, so this might play against him. I thought his voice was really good, much better than I've heard it be in the last few weeks.

Theo Tams - Good Mother (contestant choice)
Theo seemed awfully nervous, and it showed in his performance. However, his voice was as dynamic, as pure, as wonderful as it usually is. Very passionate performance, well executed, very, very touching. Really enjoyed that.

Round 1 - Theo

Mitch Macdonald - Where We Begin (Potential Single)

I suspect this was much better live than it appeared on TV. Pretty repetitive and well, boring.

Theo Tams - Sing (Potential Single)
Another not so great song, although it's better than what poor Mitch got... This one sounds much more radio friendly and ready... Theo's voice was drowned big time during the low parts and I just don't really care for the song.

Mitch Macdonald - If (judges choice)

A bit of an unusual choice from the judges. But it allowed Mitch to do his thing, so it's all good. It was a nice and touching performance, and it was kinda cool to see Mitch smiling throughout the performance, as if he was soaking everything from the experience up. Nicely done.

Theo Tams - I Wanna Know What Love Is (judges choice)

WTF choice if there is one. Theo sang the crap out of it tho. He really gave it his all...

I think the best performance for both contestant was the very first one they did. I was kinda disappointed about the show tonight - I was expecting a bit more from both. Who will win? Who knows... We'll see tomorrow....

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