Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Canadian Idol - Season 6 - Top 3 - Performances

I am torn coming into Top 3 week. I love, love, love Bryan Adams, so I am really looking forward to hearing his music on the show! But I have no fav left now that the Pigott Bros and Earl are gone. :( Well, ok, I like Theo. He's always entertaining and he's got a gorgeous voice. Ok, I like Theo. I want Theo to win. :)

Oh, but I won't dwell on that... It's Bryan Fucking Adams!!!! Gawd that guy has produce tons of hits, and I love them all. His old songs are still relevant and fun, and the good old sappy "Heaven" still get my eyes teary and my arms goosebumpy (yes it's a word, nah). And his newer songs are fun and great to sing along. What can I say? I love me some Bryan Adams! He's the rocker that got me hooked on rock, so I cannot help but have a special place in my heart for him.

"I believe that, if I had started anywhere else in the world (but here in Canada), I would not be where I am today" - gotta love him!!!!!

Drew Wright -Cuts Like a Knife
I am gonna come right out and say I did not want Drew to do well with this. He is no Bryan Adams! But... He did really, really, REALLY well with this song. Perfect for his voice, great rock song for him, and I have to admit I really love how he funked it up. Very nicely done! I only wish he would have started getting crazy earlier rather than just at the end (which I guess kinda summarize what Zack was saying). But great one for Drew!

Theo Tams - Heaven
I loved the fact that Bryan Adams was so impressed by Theo playing the piano and singing. The performance? Goosebumps. The crowd cannot shut up!!! WOW. Everything was absolutely amazing, except maybe a bit more power in the vocals during the bridge. The end was amazing... I thought he was done with the slowed down "Heaven"... But then the orchestra kicked in one last time... Took my breath away. I could have done without the runs at the very end tho... Wow, Theo keeps impressing me week after week. This was GORGEOUS!

Mitch Macdonald - Heat of The Night
This is a great song, but this was not a great performance. Mitch showed how limited his vocal range is, and how outside his comfort zone he was. Good on him for taking on a real rock song and not turning it folksy, but I think he would have benefitted from choosing a song that would have fitted his style better (like one of the newer songs, or even "Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman". Jake was right - angry doesn't work for Mitch.

They showed some clips of the Top 3 going back home a few weeks ago. And I was totally impressed by the size of the crowd at Mitch's homecoming. No wonder the guy is still in the running if he has that kind of support! Wow!

Drew Wright - I'm Ready
First, no one sings that song like Bryan Adams. No one has come close to producing a good version of it besides Greg Neufeld.

I'm sure those of you who know me are not surprised by this. *LOL*

Drew did a good job vocally, but I was left wanting a whole lot more. I found it pretty bland. I really wish he'd reached more on the chorus, like he did near the end with the "I'm Ready"'s. It was a nice vocal performance, and Drew seemed extremely comfortable singing that song, which is a huge plus. But, he really didn't take me the whole way with this song.

Theo Tams - When You're Gone
Meh. I enjoyed the singing with the backup singer, and that Theo got up from behind the piano, oups keyboard... But other than that, it was pretty... Meh. I liked the different rhythm he created for the song, but to me, this is a roll down your windows, drive fast, sing at the top of your lungs kinda song. Not so much with Theo's version.

Mitch Macdonald - When You Love Someone
It was much better than his first performance, much more in his comfort zone. I thought he sounded awfully whiny on it tho. The arrangement sounded really sloppy, and the hautbois (sorry don't know the word if english)? No, just no.

Best performance of the night: Without a doubt Theo with "Heaven"
Worst performance of the night: Without a doubt Mitch with "Heat of The Night"
Honorable mention: Drew with "Cuts Like a Knife"

I'm hoping it's Mithc's time to go home, but at this point, it's hard to tell for sure who will!!!

Tomorrow, Bryan Adams perform, woo hoo!

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