Wednesday, May 6, 2009

American Idol - Season 8 - Top 4 - Results

This... Is American Idol!

Over 64 million votes were registered last night.

Paula will take the idol stage tonight!

Ford Video to "Move Along".

School's Out by the Top 4, with Slash on lead guitar.

Back from commercials, and Ryan chats with the Top 4. Kris feels blessed to have made it this far, and Simon tells him that he should feel like he belongs there, that they don't want humble anymore. Adam was stoked to do a Zeppelin song and he liked his outfit. Danny explains "that" note, and he laughs at himself. Allison says she's not the kind of person who talks back.

Before the results, Paula performs on the Idol stage "I'm Just Here For The Music". Nice lipsynching, Paula. Good beat, should do good in clubs...

And we continue with the music, with "Just a Girl" from No Doubt. Loved the performance and the song, but damn, the vocals were not great!

The results are announce in random order tonight. Starting with Allison. Then Danny. Moving on to Adam. And now Humble Kris. Crowd screams for both Adam and Kris, but not really for Allison nor for Danny. Ryan is sending one to safety, and it is... KRIS!!!!! Kris is TOP 3 and going to his hometown for a homecoming! He is genuinely surprised and happy!

Back from the break, and Daughtry is on the Idol stage performing is new single "No Surprise" of their new album "Leave This Town". It's good to hear some new music from Daughtry... He sounded good, although by the end he looked like he was out of breath... Kris presents Chris (ahah!) with an award for 5 million copies of their album sold in different countries.

Back from the commercial, Ryan announces a second person going to the Stools of Safety is.... Adam. No surprise.

Now, Allison and Danny... Danny.... is SAFE. Allison is going home. She is young... I still have a hard time seeing her as a 17yo.... She looks, acts and sounds so much more mature than her age... And holy shit she's KILLING that song tonight!!!!!! So much better than last night!

One judges choice and the other personal pick - 2 songs each for next week.

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