Wednesday, May 13, 2009

American Idol - Season 8 - Top 3 - Results

Weird sketch at the beginning...

But this is American Idol! And our Top 2 will be revealed tonight! Who will be going to the finale and sing for the big prize? Find out tonight!

Over 88 million votes came in last night for Danny, Adam and Kris. Just over 1 million votes separating the top 2 tonight.

Ford Video to the tune of Break My Stride.

Alicia Keys is there to explain some things about Idol Gives Back. She introduces Noah, who comes from Rwanda and has a dream to help children with AIDS. He sings I'm The World's Greatest. Can't understand what he's singing, but he's full of energy and he makes me smile. :) The song is available on iTunes and the proceeds from the sale will go to help children who contracted AIDS. SO GO BUY IT! It's for a good cause.

Danny is up center stage with Ryan. We see clips from his hometown visit in Milwaukee. We see him reunite with Jamar and meet crowds after crowds of fans. He cries, he's moved, he pitches the first ball at the baseball game... Looks like he had a great, great hometown visit.

Back with Ryan, and here we go. After talking about how he did the night, Danny is sent to the stools to await his faith.

Now it's Kris' turn. And they show us his homecoming trip to Arkansas. The clip is set to "Everybody wants to Rule The World" by Tears for Fears. Parents reunion set to the original "Falling Slowly". The crowds are unbelievably huge and noisy! Kris joins Danny on the couch.

Back from the commercial, and the winner of season 6, Jordin Sparks sings her new single "Battlefield". She looks great, sounds good, but the song was pretty meh....

Commercial over, and now Adam is at center stage with Ryan. We are shown his homecoming clip in San Diego. Set to "Born To Be Wild" and to this other song by One Republic called "Come home". And to a third song "Baba O'Reilly". They showed the streaker. *LOL* And Adam is sent to the couch with the other two, for one last time. Katy Perry after the commercials.

Danny says he wants to know, wants to get to it already! Adam says, but I wanna see Katy Perry! And why would he not want that? She is wearing a cape with Adam Lambert embroided into it...

Ok, here we go... First to make it to Top 2 is..... KRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! KRIS IS IN THE FINALE!!!!!! Simon's surprised face was PRICELESS.

Second person to be in the Finale is Adam. Any surprised there?

So Danny is going home. He looks happy and grateful for what's happened to him this season.

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