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American Idol - Final Result Show

I apologize it took me so long to post about the Final Result Show. It's a 2 hour show! Makes it harder to recap, and besides, it's been a crazy media frenzy out there since the winner was crowned. And I didn't want to miss any of it!!! So here's my recap and thoughts on the final result show for Season 7...

I've posted some of my comments on the season HERE in my performance recap blog. Check it out!

Now onto the final results show of this American Idol Season 7!!!

97.5 millions votes were cast for this year's season final performance show. "A smashing record!", Ryan Seafoam says (you'll get the reference later). 56% of those votes went to one David, while the other one received the remaining 44%. The discrepancy? About 12 millions votes. That is NOT a close race. As Simon said the night before, this was a knockout. But which David got the win?

After a bit more blah blah with the judges, the show starts with the Top 12 singing "Get Ready", accompanied by the dancers of So You Think You Can Dance. They sound pretty good! And it's nice to see them all back on the stage. Poor Jason Castro (and apparently David Hernandez) got a bit too close to the pyros, and got a nice tan out of it...

As we come back from the break, we get a duet with our Top 2, David Archuleta and David Cook. They sing "Hero", from the Spiderman Soundtrack. And they sound AMAZING!!! The harmonizing really is beautiful. Cook, who apparently suggested this song after some other song they were suppose to do really didn't work, is a genius for having thought of that particular one. Archuleta sounds good and current on this song, which by all account should be better suited for Cook.

And now, make room for the Guru Pitka!!! The Guru of Love met up with the two Davids, who were treated to a private screening of the movie, Love Guru. Mike Myers is HILARIOUS, and I have to admit that the two Davids were pretty good "actors" as well. The "Guru Pitka" gives advice to the Top 2 - Cookie should shave and Archie should be careful not to go boom boom in his pull-up. The sideways look Archie gives Cook is so funny! The "shaving" scene is totally hilarious, I rewind it at least 10 times right there. Archie catching the shaving cream, dead pan... Too funny!!! Oh, and DO NOT miss Ryan Seafoam (get it now???) sitting on the Guru Pitka's "magic pillow". Oh dear!

Syesha Mercado sings "Waiting For You" with Seal!!! They did great.

And it's Jason Castro's turn to perform his beautiful rendition of "Halleluja". All by himself, Castro offers a great, heartfelt performance. He sounded even better than when he did it the first time. Great, great! He seemed nervous as hell tho - his mike was shaking in his hands...

The very last Ford Commercial "Let the Good Times Roll" comes right after Castro's performance. It's a collection of funny clips and bloopers from the whole season of filming those commercials. I really enjoyed them this year - they were mostly funny and cheesy to the max, but it was great to see the contestants get so much into them. I particularly liked the "Tainted Love" one, with Cookie has a hero-goth-vampire-like personage. "Ring of Fire" was so ridiculous because of the costumes (hello package!) that it was great. Fun times!!!

David and David get a Ford Escape Hybrid each. "You have your license?", asked Ryan to Archie.... *LOL*

The Top 6 girls perform hits by the Divine with Donna Summers! Amanda looks rough coming down the stairs - is she drunk? Do NOT, I repeat, do NOT miss Ryan Seafoam Seacrest fucking BREAK DANCING during this medley. Ho comes rolling around on the floor around 8:07 in the clip below. Moments like these is why I love this show so much!!!

Carly Smithson and Michael Johns perform The Letter together. This performance is HOT!!!!!! Those two are showing RIGHT THERE that they are hugely talented and were sent home way too early. Go Carly! Go Michael!

A little, not so funny appearance from Jimmy Kimmel later, our Top 6 guys perform with none other than Bryan Fucking Adams! I love me some Bryan Adams... Yes I do! The guys all sound great, especially Cook, who's right in his element with this medley.

OMG. I cannot fucking believe my eyes. Is that .... No, it can't be! Can it? Yes! Yes! It IS ZZ TOP playing "Sharp Dressed Man" with Cook as the front man!!! ZZ TOP on AI, OMG, the world has gone completely insane! Cook sounds AMAZING, totally looks the part, and even does that weird knee dance in the middle of the guitar solo. AWESOME! Oh, do I spy a Blake Lewis rocking out to ZZ Top and sporting a sharpie written "COOK" on his knuckles? Blakey, I love you, call me, 'kay?

Grant Nash and Brooke Whie perform next. It was cute. :)

Oh dear lord. The Jonas Brothers perform next. Time for a pee break. Oh, and now they are showing the worst auditions of the season. Oh, and Renaldo "We're Brothers Forever" Lapuz is performing his song with a big band! *LMAO*!!!!!

One Republic now performs with David Archuleta their hit "Apologize". I love Ryan Tedder - what a talented guy. He's an amazing singer and song writer. He sounded a bit off in the beginning, but regained his footing later during the performance and sounded awesome. Archie sounded GREAT on the song. Whoever thought about that pairing is a GENIUS. All season long, one of the major critic about Archie was that he was not current -well this duet really proved otherwise. Archie sounded really, really, really great on this one.

The current American Idol Jordin Sparks comes on next singing "One Step at a Time". So cute to see Blake Lewis singing along to her song.

Oh dear gawd in heaven. The weird hologram singing thing is back this year. This time it's Gladys Knight and the Pimps. And her "pimps" are Ben Stiller, Jack Black and Robert Downey Jr. Ok, they are funny.

Singing "Last Name", here is Carrie Underwood. Damn that dress is short. But damn she's got legs.

The Top 12 perform together to hits from George Michael. Who gave David Hernandez the line "naked" in that medley? Too funny! I love me some DH! Check out the CFM stare that David Cook gives on Father Figure at the end "'til the end of time"... If you don't know what CFM means, you probably are not a real DC fan then! ;) George Michael performs "Praying For Time". Paula's crying.

And this is it!!!!

Archie looks awfully calm, which is ironic since he's been a nervous wreck all season long. David Cook, on the other hand, seems nervous has hell. The judges give some last comments:

Randy - Best Season, you two brought it, I'm so happy it's the two of you, strongest season, blah, blah, blah
Paula - you two are amazing, I'm honored, this is only the beginning, blah, blah, blah
Simon - Congratulations to both of you, it was a great night, after watching back I didn't think it was quite as clear cut as I called it, blah, blah, blah...

Wait a second.


Is Simon.... Backtracking? Back peddling?


Simon is APOLOGIZING to David Cook for having bashing him the night before? Verging on disrespectful?


Fuck man, David Cook wins this. I now know he is winning this.

The envelop. Open the goddamn envelop Ryan Fucking Seafoam!!!!

And the confetti fall on David Cook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


The newly crowned American Idol performs an emotional "The Time of My Life" with the rest of the Top 12 surrounding him. Yeah David Cook! I am so proud he's won. He deserved it!!!!

Looking back, it is easy to have 20/0 insight... But the clues were all over the finale that David Cook was going to win. From the Top 2 duet on "Hero" to the Top 6 medley with Bryan Adams, to FUCKING ZZ TOP playing with David Cook... This show was full of rock! Also, David Cook got to introduced both Bryan Adams and George Michael during the medleys. On the other hand... Archie got to perform with the more modern band, One Republic, and they did do the song "Heaven" during the Bryan Adams medley, which Archie KILLED on during the auditions. More over, Archie performed way later in the show, which led me to believe he was going to win...

Oh, who am I kidding, I was a nervous wreck by the end of the two hours, waiting to hear that DAVID COOK HAD WON!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Season 7............ David Cook........... Thanks for a great, great season!!!!!

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