Wednesday, May 7, 2008

American Idol Season 7 - Top 4 - Results

It's results night... Tonight, the Top 4 ill become the Top 3... The contestants who make it to the Top 3 get to go back home for some sort of homecoming celebration. Parade, mini-concert, various appearances... It should re-energize the contestants, so they can come back with a vengeance and offer us great performances for the Top 3 Performance Night!

First, the Top 4 offered us a pretty darn cheesy group sing of “Reeling in the Years”. Funny to watch "The Davids" walking and dancing in time. :)

After a recap of the previous night's show, Ryan brought out David Archuleta. Ryan questioned him on his performances, asking him if he is the next American Idol. Archie answers awkwardly, giggling his way through his answers. He's both painfully awkward and cute all at the same time. Ryan sent him to the couches, safe.

The Idols went to Vegas last week to watch the Cirque Du Soleil show, "Love", based on the music catalogue of The Beatles. The idols went to the show, met the cast, played with dolphins and seem to have had a good, relaxing time. After showing us a recap of the events, Ryan brought out David Cook. Ryan recapped what the judges said about "Hungry Like The Wolf", David nodding in agreement when Ryan said that Simon would have liked to have seen him put more of his own stamp on it. Giggling at the mention of Paula wanting more Cookie, David explained that he felt off all day leading up to the performances. His head was in the wrong place. After receiving advice from Randy on how to reach the finals, he is pronounced SAFE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Next the idols offer us a .... rather funny Ford Commercial - Ring of Fire. :) And then it was time for the Q&A from the viewers. A woman called for David Cook, and asked him on a date! David handled it nicely. :) More Q&A for the judges and other contestants. But since I am only interested in David Cook (what? You had not noticed yet?), we'll skip the details - watch the video if you wanna know more. ;) Oh yeah, Maroon 5 performed "If I'll Never See Your Face Again"!

And Bo Bice performed "Witness"! He rocked the stage! He seemed to like David Cook...

And then we got on with our results....

Bye bye Jason..........

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