Thursday, May 15, 2008

American Idol Season 7 - Top 3 - Results

From three people to the final 2.... Who will it be?

We start the night with the Top 3 singing "Ain't No Stopping Us Now" and performing a cheesy but fun little dance number. :)

Next, the idols learn what the future has in store for them in this Ford Commercial, "Heaven". After a recap of the previous night's performances, Fantasia Barrino comes on and performs a song called "Bore Me". Ouch.

And on with the results... Starting with David Archuleta. We are shown footage of Archie's homecoming day - gosh!!!!!! :) It's cute, Archie cries he's so overwhelmed by all the love. Ryan reviews what the judges had to say of Archie's performances the night before. Finally, we are shown a clip of David's journey on American Idol.

Syesha's up, and her homecoming video is shown. Ryan recaps the judges comments from the night before and then Sy's journey on Idol is shown.

And finally, it's David Cook's turn. Ryan chats a little bit with David about how he ended up auditioning for Idol. "It's all my little brother Andrew's fault", Cook says, as his brother steps on the stage. David's homecoming whirlwind of a day is then shown - seems like he had quite a busy day with tv and radio interviews in the morning, followed by a mini-concert, a visit to his school where he honored his music teacher, a parade ultimately culminating to a crowd of thousands waiting for David to perform another mini concert at his high school. Andrew is right by his side the whole time, and they both cry during this emotional day. His day end at the baseball field, where he threw the first pitch on the Kansas City Royals mound. After a short recap of the judges comments of his performances the night before, we are shown a video of David's amazing journey on Idol.

And now for the results....

Bye Syesha...

And we have a David VS David finale!

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