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Jim McGorman Interview - Part 1

Exclusive interview with Jim - part 1

June 2009

Jim's Music

K&M: You are in the middle of writing/recording your second album. Is it more of a desire, pleasure, effort… you name it… make it? Do you feel any different from when you were making the first record?

Jim: It’s all of the above. Making a record (especially this way - spread out over such a long period of time) has to be a labor of love. There are times when it is very frustrating, very liberating, very exciting, challenging and very difficult. More difficult on the production end, from an organizational point of view. But it is always fun. I will be extremely happy when it is finished.

K&M: When you commenced writing and recording for the new record, did you have in mind the type of musical direction you wanted to go for the album?

Jim: Yeah, I had a pretty strong idea. And so far, it is not strayed too far from that. It's got hooks, grooves, melody, and a few lyrics as well.

K&M: In a previous interview we asked about the musical direction of your new record, this was your response. Continuing on from that, where you stand today in the process, is the direction much different from when you first started?

Jim: see last answer.

K&M: How many songs on the new album? Can you give out a couple of song titles? Just to whet our appetite.

Jim: There will be either 10 or 11 songs. One of my favorite titles on the new record is “Sullen Barista”. It’s a song about a very sad , but beautiful girl who works at Starbucks (though that is not mentioned specifically in the song). She could be at any of the fine coffee/tea house establishments in the world. There is another song called “White Boy” that has a really great groove - with an interesting lyrical position.

K&M: We all know you love 80’s music. If you could collaborate with any band or singer from the 1980s, who would it be and why?

Jim: Hmmmm. Maybe Rick Springfield. Or Hall N’ Oates has to be up there too. There are a lot that I would love to write with.

K&M: You sing high harmonies to Avril Lavigne and together with Johnny Rzeznik, and some really low register tones on your own record. Say, “Do You Remember”. Dilana Robichaux once mentioned your beautiful voice and the range she could only “dream of”. It would be interesting to know – what is your vocal range?

Jim: To be honest, I don’t really know. When I was in high school, I really struggled with higher notes, but was determined to reach them - so I practiced a lot to improve my range. But I never really measured it by notes. I am not a naturally great singer, I just really wanted to sing. So, I did it all the time and eventually got better.

K&M: Which singer (band) would you like to cover what particular song from your first album?

Jim: That’s a tough question. I would love to hear Sheryl Crow sing one of my songs. I love her voice so much - and think she would bring a whole other level of vulnerability to a song like ”You and I”.

K&M: You recently mentioned that over the summer months your plans will also include recording 10 – 20 new songs for use in TV placements. If you are at the liberty to say, do you have any idea which TV shows to watch for to hear your new songs?

Jim: I say that in a general sense. Songs written and recorded by myself and my writing partners - not as geared towards sending to other artists to use, but more for possible use in cinematic arenas. I would love to get a song on Grey’s or Gossip Girl - but I would never shy away from any show that wanted to use my music.

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