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Jim McGorman Interview - Part 2

Exclusive interview with Jim - part 2

June 2009

Music in general

K&M: What do you feel makes you a good musician?

Jim: My haircut. Answering that about myself feels a bit odd, but there are many things that make people good musicians:

- Ability to listen: to the big picture and to other musicians while you are playing as well.
- Timing: not just playing in time, but knowing when to play or not to play something.
- Confidence.
- Being a student of music: knowing the history of where things came from so you can draw from many places.

Those are a few.

K&M: Stemming from the previous question, what kind of qualities should a person possess in order to be a successful musician?

Jim: Successful musician?? There’s an oxymoron if I’ve ever heard one. I guess that all depends on ones definition of success. To some, selling a million records is success. To others, simply having someone enjoy your music in a bar or a living room is success. I think that is up to each person to decide what their definition is first. After that, it’s all about desire and persistence.

K&M: If you could to put together a concert with any 5 artists/bands, who would be on the bill?

Jim: U2 - Michael Jackson - Tom Petty - Prince - AC/DC

K&M: Speaking of concerts, so far in 2009, have you seen any concerts? If so, which artists/bands?

Jim: Not sure - I can’t think of any. God, has this year been flying.

K&M: Are there any new bands or artists that have peaked your interest lately and if so which ones?

Jim: Phoenix is my favorite band of the last 10 years. They just put out a new record. I just love them.

K&M: You covered Jessie Girl, You Can’t Get What You Want, Boys of Summer… Were all these your choices and which song would you like to cover in the future?

Jim: Yeah, they were my choice. There are so many I would love to cover. I like “Dirty Laundry” by Henley. I just feel like my voice works in the register that he sings in. And what a great message! Also “My Prerogative” by Bobby Brown, Damn, that shit is funky!

K&M: You have played in many venues all over the world (and that’s an understatement) – from arenas to intimate clubs. Any venues that stand out - for whatever reason?

Jim: Giants Stadium with Michelle Branch in 2002. We were on a bill that Bon Jovi headlined. For a kid growing up in Jersey in the 80’s, to play Giants Stadium with Bon Jovi was pretty amazing. The Tokyo Dome with Avril last year was pretty cool too. Big place.

K&M: What is the biggest screw up you personally have done on stage? Come on, fess up.

Jim: Well, the worst thing was with Cher. I’m not gonna pass the buck (her fault) but the whole band got off from her while we were playing “Walking in Memphis” at a show in Australia in 2005. She drifted in time from us at the beginning of the song - and NEVER got back on. It was 4 minutes of pure agony. Pretty rough.

K&M: Over time, have you become more optimistic or more jaded by the music business?

Jim: I never really thought the music business was so pure in the first place. I am sure that I lost my innocence about it, but that goes for almost everything in life.

K&M: Do you know where the Starmaker show is? Or… is it one reality show too many on TV at the moment, hence the delay?

Jim: It is now scheduled for a 4th quarter release. Some time in the fall, I guess. We’ll see??

K&M: The Goo Goo Dolls have confirmed two summer shows during the month of July in Indiana and Illinois. At this stage are you planning to perform with them at these upcoming concerts?

Jim: I will be there.

Thanks to sunfired.net for the interview!

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