Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ultimate Music Survey Part 2

Do it too! It's fun!

Concerts & Shows:

1) How many concerts have you been to? Oh, I don't know... Somewhere around 20-30, I'd guess...
2) Who have you seen live? Ok, let's try this... Rock Voisine, Bryan Adams, Kevin Parent, The Watchmen, Big Wreck, Planet Smashers, Sarah McLaughlan, INXS, The Killers, Bryan Byrne, JUICE, Stabilo, Cat Empire, One Republic, Colbie Caillat, Lukas Rossi, Stars Down, Juke Kartel, Dilana, Supernova, Greg Neufeld, Channel One, Daughtry, Puddle of Mudd, Nickelback, Avril Lavigne, Blake Lewis, Chris Richardson, David Cook, Michael Johns, Oliver Pigott, Sebastian Pigott... I bet I'm forgetting some, but...
3) Who would you like to see live? Jason Mraz, The Trews, The Dunes, To Have Heroes, Pearl Jam, and of course see many of the bands I've lready seen...
4) Which band have you seen live the most? INXS, 7 times, and waiting for more!
5) What is your favorite venue to see a show? In town, Massey Hall
6) Have you ever met anyone famous at a concert? If so, who? I have had the chance to meet many of the artists I've seen play, either before or after the shows. It's always a lot of fun, and I've only ran into gracious, fun and appreciative artists so far.
7) Have you ever been front row for a concert? If so, what show? Well duh! Front row is the best place to be. I've been front row many times, but the best one was for INXS in Toronto. OH MY!
8) What were the worst seats you’ve ever had at a show? The only real bad seat I've ever had was for my very first big arena concert, Bryan Adams back in the 80's. We were in the nosebleed... Still, I was up on my feet, dancing and screaming and having a good time!
9) Have you ever gotten in a fight with someone at a show? No. But I threw dirty looks to some obnoxious, intoxicated peeps. And I received a few from people who were seated and wanted me to sit down. How obnoxious! If they want to sit at a rock show, they should stay the fuck home!
10) What was the best concert you’ve ever been to and when? (only one!) I can't answer that! I love different concerts for different reasons. But if I absolutely had to choose... Probably INXS in Toronto in 2006 at the ACC.
11) What is the worst concert you’ve ever been to and when? (only one!) The Killers. I love the band, but they are just. not. good live.
12) Which band/artist always has the best merch? I don't buy much merch aside from albums, so I wouldn't know...
13) Which band do you have the hardest time buying tickets for? I've had a heck of a time buying tickets for INXS, but usually it's not so bad buying tickets since I like smaller scaled bands.
14) If you could choose one person that would go with you to every concert you see from now until the day you die, who would it be? Can't decide - different peeps for different artists! I wanna go to concerts with enthusiastic fans, first and foremost.

Some Random Questions…

1) Who is the best looking male and female artist out there today?
Male = David Cook, Female = I don't know
2) What are some of the best album covers that you’ve seen?
I don't really pay attention to that stuff - I buy an album to listen to the music, not to stare at the cover art. It's not that important to me.
3) Who is the most over-rated artist out there today? Billy Talent, Justin Timberlake, Rhianna
4) Who is the most under-estimated artist out there today? Many smaller scale artists
5) Who is the most over-played artist out there today? Nickelback and most of what plays on the Top 40 stations. It's always the same stuff!
6) What one album or CD should everyone own? Any Beatles album
7) What album or CD do you think everyone has owned and won’t admit it? ABBA, Neil Diamond, Celine Dion *L*
8) Which artist has the best website? I have no idea!
9) Which forgotten artist would you love to see release a new CD? The Watchmen!
10) Who was the best one-hit wonder? Gloria Gaynor - I Will Survive
11) Who always makes the best music videos? I don't really watch them
12) What are some of the best music videos ever? See answer above
13) Who is your favorite musician that isn’t famous or well-known? Greg Neufeld, Jimmy McGorman, Lukas Rossi
14) Do you have any friends that are musicians and should be famous? No
15) Name some of your favorite indie bands: Jamestown Ltd, Stars Down, The Trews
16) Who is the best writer and has the best, thought-provoking lyrics? I wouldn't know what to answer, there are so many!
17) Name a few of your favorite lyrics or quotes from songs:
“…a broken back is only something if you did it saving me” – David Cook

“…I can’t keep holding on to what you’ve got, when all you’ve got is hurt” – U2

“…I was a name across your lips, it's time to spit me out” – David Cook

“...In her mind she is blinded by all she sees” - David Cook

“…This silver leaves me longing for gold, second plce has never carried me home” – David Cook

“…Looking back on better days, keep finding pieces of myself in yesterday” – Axium

“…True friends stab you in the front” – Axium

“…I'll swim in you if you'll drown in me” – Axium

"...Like a book I wanna know you, wanna sit down and unfold you, wanna read you left and right, won't stop until I find out the best parts of where you are..." - Greg Neufeld

"...Don't know how to whisper, cause I've been screaming for so long..." - Jim McGorman

"...Your in and out and in between but never with me, I'll taste you, make you, break you, hate you, it's all over me, I am bored
(I'll taste you, make you, break you, hate you, it's all over me) I am bored, I wanted nothing more than making echoes with you..." - Lukas Rossi/Cleavage

18) If you could wake up every morning for the rest of your life to one song, what song would it be? I can't answer that, as my favorites change all the time.
19) If you could fall asleep every night for the rest of your life listening to one song, what would it be? See answer above
20) Name the best song for the following circumstances:
Driving: I'm Alive - David Cook
Getting ready to go out: ROCK!
Taking a bubble bath: The First Taste - Fiona Apple
Doing housework: Anything by Less Than Jake
Making out: John Mayers? *L*
Having a party: All the old sing along classics
A rainy day: Everything and anything
Out at a dance bar: Dancing Queen by ABBA! *L*


1) In your opinion, name the worst…
Group(s): Billy Talent, Jonas Brothers
Singer/Solo Artist: Hilary Duff, Ashley Simpson, Miley Cyrus
Songwriter: I don't know
Song(s): I don't know, because if I think it's crap, I don't listen to it...
CD/Album(s): see answer above
2) Who would you like to see jump off a cliff, never to make another album again?
Paris Hilton
3) Which artist has the worst lyrics? All the cheesy ones?
4) Who do you think HATES being a musician, but stays in the business for the money? Oasis
5) Who always makes the worst music videos? I don't really watch music videos
6) What are some of the worst music videos ever? See answer above
7) Who is your worst hated musician that has a career only because they (or people they know) have lots of money? Miley Cyrus
8) Who is the worst actor/actress turned musician? ???
9) Who is the worst musician turned actor/actress? ???
10) The sight of this artist makes you sick to your stomach: No time for getting sick over bad artists

In closing…

1) Why do you love music? Because it's a great escape, makes me feel, and it's fun!
2) What do you think about music being “the universal language”? I thought sex was???
3) What would you do if you couldn’t have music in your daily life? I'd probably be totally depressed!
4) List a few ways in which music helps you in your daily life:Helps pass the time, helps get over things, helps by making me happy, helps by calming me down or exciting me
5) Describe your love for music in 6 words or less: Best fun with your pants on!

1 comment:

Veronique said...

Wow, c'était une lecture intéressante! Tu as vu plus de shows que moi, ça c'est sûr, mais je me rattrape! Juste cette année, j'ai vu Coldplay (hallucinant), Mika et Jason Mraz... 2 fois (Merci à Greg de me l'avoir fait découvrir, je ne le connaissais pas avant, aussi incroyable que ça puisse paraître). Si je fais la liste de tous ceux que j'ai vu, à part ceuz nommés ci-dessus: Hanson, The Moffatts (lol, j'étais jeune!), Daniel Boucher, Mes Aïeux, Bryan Adams, Céline Dion (son show de l'an 2000), Johnny Clegg (c'était incroyable, et j'étais vraiment collée sur la scène), et Gregory Charles... ouais, c'est pas mal ça. J'ai encore du rattrapage à faire! Le meilleur show que j'ai vu? Soit le show Noir et Blanc de Gregory Charles (je l'ai vu 4 fois en 3 ans), le show de Johnny Clegg (2006) ou le show de Coldplay que j'ai vu l'été dernier. C'est difficile de départager!

L'artiste que je veux le plus voir en ce moment: David Cook. Je n'en peux plus d'attendre pour le 18 novembre! Mais, franchement, je n'ai pas trop d'espoir qu'il vienne à Montréal d'ici tôt.

L'artiste dont je ne suis plus capable en ce moment? En fait, il y en a deux: Lady Gaga et Katy Perry. I Kissed a Girl, c'était bien drôle les 50 premières fois que je l'ai entendue, mais là, pu capable!

La chanson que je pourrais écouter sur "repeat" toute la journée: Viva La Vida. Normalement, je me tanne assez rapidement d'une chanson et j'ai besoin de variété, mais je ne vois pas le moment quand je vais me tanner de cette chanson.