Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Marcus Lehman's penis

Warning - Might not be safe for work!

CBS edits, pulls challenge video even as Google searches are lead by Marcus Lehman's penis

The video of the Survivor Gabon challenge featuring accidental nudity has been pulled from CBS' web site, which now says "The requested video content has expired." The full episode is still online, but Marcus' penis has been blurred out (it's at the 61:40 mark). Also removed was the compilation video that a blog created and posted to Metacafe, although it's still on that blog.

That comes even as interest in the exposure has reached a peak: Among people searching Google this morning, the fourth most popular thing to look for are stories about and/or pictures of Marcus Lehman's penis. Yes, the Survivor Gabon contestant's accidental flash through his boxers during the second hour of the show's debut last Thursday is the seventh most searched-for term in the United States.

Google's Hot Trends show that there are only three things in the country more popular among Google searchers than Marcus' genitals: the sale of Wachovia to Citigroup, which constitute four of the top six searches; the web site for the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008; and the comic strip Achewood, which takes the top spot, probably because of an interview with its creator on NPR this morning.

Google says that searches for the nudity-Google lists "survivor marcus, survivor gabon marcus, marcus lehman penis, survivor weiner, marcus lehman" as keywords people used-peaked at 8 a.m. ET this morning, and 10 percent of all of those searches are coming from New York City. While there were some searches for it yesterday, a graph shows that they spiked this morning, probably when people got to work and were ready for their Monday morning porn break.

Update: CBS has removed and/or edited the videos on its site, and Metacafe removed the embeddable video. However, you can still watch it on the Naked Straight Guys blog (


Jill said...

Happy I have that episode still on tape, I'll have to go back and watch it again! HAHA!

Bouffe said...

Isn't it the funniest thing? The video on the website I linked to is worth watching, too - they put a soundtrack over the clip, it's hilarious!