Thursday, October 2, 2008

Canadian Federal Debate - the Non-Political Way

I HATE politics with a passion. That's why I almost never talk about it. The amount of bullshitting going on in politics is just nauseating. I am sick to my stomach thinking about those clowns fucking us all up the ass with their tax cuts and policies that amounts to nothing.

My political views, you ask? Well... I hate Stephen Harper and think he's one of the worst bandit Canada has elected in a long time. Stephane Dion doesn't inspire me any confidence whatsoever with his little weasel face and his bad english accent (coming from a francophone who has an accent when she speaks english, but doesn't care because she loves accents and thinks they are charming, that is saying something). Gilles Duceppe is more and more irrelevant as Quebec finally moves away from that stupid separation idea, Jack Layton has great ideas but no balls to carry them through, and Elizabeth May, well, I don't know her, so I can't say.

Despite all that... I did my duty as a good canadian citizen and I watched the federal debate tonight. I usually watch the french debate, since I am francophone, but somehow this year I ended up watching the english debate. Regardless, I am going to post my non-political observations about it. Yes, non-political - I don't talk about politics, remember?

First, physical appearance.

Gotta give it to Stephen Harper, he looks good on camera. His silver hair and his blue eyes really look good on camera, and since the last election, his physical image has improved. Dion... Weasel face does not look good. He's got a little tooth that shows when he speaks, and that is so very distracting... Layton... Hum he's probably the best looking one of the bunch. I kinda like his little pornstache and his bald head. May... I guess she's ok, but she's gotta have her mouth fixed.

Layton 1, others 0.


Duceppe and Dion are just totally awful to listen to, especially when they speak english. No thank you. May's alright, I like that she speaks in a controlled tone of voice. So does Dion and Harper. Dion's voice sounds like a lullaby from the devil. He speaks softly, calmly, but you know there is that hellish side to him that is only waiting to come out. Harper's the same, actually, but his voice is even more pleasant. Layton's got a sexy voice, especially when he gets excited or mad.

Layton 2, others 0.


Gotta give that one to Elizabeth May right away. The guys dress like they are going to a funeral. At least she brings a little bit of color in that debate, even if it is only with her rings and lipstick!

Layton 2, May 1, others 0.

Best OMFG are you fucking SERIOUS? You LIAR! face:

Duceppe gets as red as a lobster and starts to stutter. May seems cooler. Dion smirks and shakes his weasel face and plays with his little tooth. Layton gets angry and his face hardens, his eyes shoots laser and if looks could kill, he would have killed everyone tonight, including the annoying moderator. Well, he would have perhaps spare Duceppe, only because I don't think he looked at him once during the debate. Harper... Oh, that little smirk, that head cocked to the side, that little lean forward that is NOT, no, no, no, it is not meant to be intimidating... Oh, they are all entertaining, 1 point each!!!

Layton 3, May 2, Harper 1, Dion 1, Duceppe 1, annoying moderator 1

Best remark during the debate:

Tie between Jack Layton and Elizabeth May, because they said the same thing in response to Harper talking about his party's platform: "Where is it? What is it? You have not once talked about or presented it".

Oh yeah and there was that one Layton served Dion:

"If you can't do your job as leader of the opposition, I don't know what you are running for prime minister for"

Jab, jab, jab, uppercut, KNOCK OUT!!!!


Of course politics and elections are a serious matter. But if I look at it all too seriously, I'll have a heart attack. I did listen to the debate with an open mind and will go out and vote for one of the leaders. I'm not going to vote based on who's hair looked the best, or who will be most likely to legalize marijuana. I'm gonna vote based on who I think will do the better job as far as our Prime Minister. One thing is for sure, it ain't gonna be for the George W Bush Light we've had in power for the last 2 + years...

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