Wednesday, May 23, 2007

American Idol - Finale - Winner

Where to begin?

This finale was jam packed with celebrities. Not a bad show, tho I could have done without the Golden Idol Awards... Granted, we would have missed Miss Canary planting a big wet one on Ryan, which, I have to admit, was pretty darn funny!!!

The night starts with "I Saw Her Standing There", by Blake and Jordin. "Well, she was just 17... You know what I mean..." Aaaaaaaaaaaaaand they have just given away the winner. Blech. Blake is looking mighty fine, and he seems to be having a lot of fun.

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I didn't care for Gwen and fast forwarded through her performance. I have to say I hate when performances are pre-taped or from another location like that. I don't know why exactly, I just don't like it.

The Top 6 Guys performed a good number I thought. Blake was barely seen tho - I found that rather odd. In other seasons, the group numbers for the finale are there to sort of highlight the finalists.... not so much in this year's case. I gotta say, Phil Stacey sounded really good.

Now for my first highlight of the night!
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Blake performing with Doug E. Fresh! This really isn't my kind of music, but this performance of Blake made me smile from ear to ear. Soooooooo freaking cool to see Blake do HIS thing!!! Fuck he's good. I enjoyed that performance entirely too much! *LOL*

Top 6 Girls were good. I miss Gina! I like her new shorter hair, and she sounded awesome.

All of the past winners, except for Fantasia, had their turn in the American Idol sun. I kinda liked Kelly Clarkson's new song. Actually, I should say her voice - I like the grit she's added - but I could care less for the song, really. Carrie Underwood was great. I'm no fan of hers, but her rendition of "I'll Stand By You" was beautiful. Damn she's a pretty woman! Ruben was ok, I guess. Taylor....
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Taylor Hicks! I've missed Taylor, and I was reminded tonight about how much I've missed his voice. I really loved him last year. This song was not half bad, I feel so bad for him. AI really is not supporting him. I'd be mighty pissed if I was Taylor.

And now, for my second highlight of the night - The African Choir!!!
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These kids make me smile so much... Their energy is infectious, their smiles are simply radiating joy throughout and they are so damn cute! I loved seeing them on Idol Gives Back, and American Idol couldn't have done a better tribute to that special show. Those little kids rule!!!!!!!!

Sanjaya performing with Joe Perry was actually not half bad! I won't comment on the voice, but the performance has certainly improved. Sanjaya seems to be embracing his new found fame... and seems more confident by the minute!

The show ran long, and the winner was announced around 10:05 or so. Blake was all smiles, Jordin looked nervous. Jordin is crowned the winner... Blake congratulates her, hugs her, picks her up from the floor... *L* He's being a true gentleman with it all. I really do love Blake!

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I wish Jordin all the best.

I wish Blake all the success in the world. I hope for him he'll be able to make the kind of record he wants, and stay true to himself. He's said in interviews that he already has 6-7 songs ready... I hope we get to hear some of his original stuff on his album. As he sang earlier this season:

"Punk" the nay-sayers 'cause they don't mean a thing...

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