Monday, November 9, 2009

We were there: David Cook at the Palladium Ballroom - article

12:24 AM Mon, Nov 09, 2009
Joy Tipping/Reporter

Those who worried that David Cook's status as an American Idol winner might soften his rock edge needn't have fretted. At Sunday's show at the Palladium Ballroom, Cook played and sang pounding, feel-it-in-every-cell-in-your-body rock that had the audience -- which, no doubt due to Idol, included a boomer contingent much larger than you'd normally see at that venue -- frenetically grooving for more than an hour. One song, the psychedelically addictive "Bar-ba-sol," gave me the pleasantly loopy feeling that I had somehow ingested large amounts of mind-altering drugs, even though I was stone-cold sober.

The singer-guitarist performed a hefty chunk from his platinum 2008 album David Cook: "Declaration," "Light On," "I Did It For You," the current single "Come Back to Me," and an especially blistering "Lie to Me."

Note to Palladium Ballroom: It'd be nice, since no one ever actually answers your box-office phone, if you'd post the start times of the opening acts on your Web site, along with the time the star performer is going on. The posted time for Sunday's concert was 6:30 p.m. Cook didn't go on till nearly 9:30, after opening acts the Script and Green River Ordinance. No one should have to stand for three or four hours (Palladium is SRO) before the act they came to see, just so the opening acts will have an audience. If you want to see them, fine; if not, you should have the option to show up just for the headliner. And the Palladium should have the courtesy to at least answer its box-office phones an hour or so before the stated start time of any concert.

For a full review of the concert, check here on Monday afternoon.

PHOTO by Joy Tipping

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