Tuesday, February 17, 2009

American Idol - Season 8 - Top 36 - Week 1 - VIDEOS

This year, we'll see 3 groups of 12 contestants for the first three weeks. This week's group is:

Alexis Grace
Anne Marie Boskovich
Anoop Desai
Brent Keith
Casey Carlson
Danny Gokey
Jackie Tohn
Michael Sarver
Ricky Braddy
Stephen Fowler
Stevie Wright
Tatiana Del Toro

3 of these people will be in the Top 12, as the The Top Female, Top Male and Top vote getter of each group will advance to the next round.

This week, the contestants choose a Top 10 song from the Billboard Hot 100 from any year.So we start with:

Jackie Tohn - A Little Less Conversation (Elvis Presley) VIDEO

I think she did good opening up the season! I love her voice, but this slowed down version didn't really allowed her to let it shine. Her best part was the bridge just before the "come on come on", followed by the come on come on. I also though her performance was a bit manic... All in all, a good start of the season. 6/10

Ricky Braddy - A Song For You (Donny Hathaway) VIDEO

Not bad, but a ballad in the #2 spot won't help him get through. The format is not helping him either - poor guy has had no face time at all during the auditions and Hollywood week. His vocals tonight were good, especially once he got into his higher register. I also liked the way he interpreted it. I liked it until the very end... I did not like the end at all. 8/10

Alexis Grace - Never Loved a Man (Aretha Franklin) VIDEO

I love the way she looks tonight. GREAT song for her voice, for her look, for the sexy little thing she wants to established. Lots of blues and soul in her voice. Loving it! 9/10

Brent Keith - Hicktown - (Jason Aldean) VIDEO

Cutie who will suffer from the lack of exposure during Hollywood week. I didn't know he was kind rock, kinda country. Good song, nice singing, good voice, nice performance. But kinda middle of the pack I think. 7/10

Stevie Wright - You Belong to Me -(Taylor Swift) VIDEO

The lower parts were painful.... Actually, her whole vocal performance was shaky as hell. No power, no oumph, nothing. I liked her song choice, but that song really didn't show off her voice AT ALL. 4/10

Anoop Desai - Angel Of Mine (Monica) VIDEO

What an old fashion song choice! Solid vocals, but boring song and boring performance! 7/10

Casey Carlson - Every Little Thing She Does is Magic (The Police) VIDEO

Facial expressions are weird and turning me off! Vocals only are not bad... But she doesn't have a powerful enough voice to pull this off. It really sounded karaoke. 5/10

Michael Sarver - I Don't Want To Be (Gavin DeGraw) VIDEO

I don't know what to think of this! His vocals were ok, his performance was ok, and I like the sentiment behind doing this song. But it didn't show off his beautiful vocals! He did surprised me with the performance. I didn't think he would be able to do it, but he did. 6/10

Anne Marie Boskovich - Natural Woman (Aretha Franklin) VIDEO

Pitchy in the higher notes. Good ending. I just don't like that song.... I felt like her voice was a bit too thin for this song. 5/10

Stephen Fowler - Rock With You (Michael Jackson) VIDEO

The arrangement was so freaking CHEESY!!! It felt also very pitchy. The only good thing is that he looked comfortable on the stage. Bad, bad, bad. 4/10

Tatiana Del Toro - Saving All My Love For You (Whitney Houston) VIDEO

Putting aside that she is fucking annoying, that was the best performance so far. 8.5/10

Danny Gokey - Hero (Mariah Carey) VIDEO

He was bare none the best. He gave me shivers. I was disappointed he did not rearranged the song, but he made the best of it. I LOVED his growly notes and the falsetto... 9.5/10

I HATE this format. This heavily favours those who had lots of screen time during auditions and Hollywood Week. And of course, it's a huge disadvantage for those who didn't. It's already a popularity contest when it should be a talent contest, at least in these earlier rounds!

I think Danny and Alexis are in for sure. Third person probably will be Anoop, although I'm really hoping it'll be Michael Sarver.

I guess we'll see tomorrow!

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