Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lukas Rossi - Video Contest - Fly (Ron Weiss)

Message from Lukas: I am announcing a video contest for the best "Fly" video. This one is very special. Please make this count. Rules - best video...most tribute to Ron Weiss....must have Ron’s photo in the video. Also the video has to be from your pictures of me at all.

The winner will get something very special from me. You will not know until the winner is announced.

Good luck to all. And thank you for remembering my friend. Xoxoox

Song: “Fly” (available here:;fa=1)

Time Line: Begins July 25th and ends on August 9th @ 11:59 pm Eastern

Prizes: To Be Announced


1. Must include a photo of Ron (available at music download link above) and no pictures of Lukas. Film a story line that you feel goes with the creative!!

2. You cannot use content that is not available to everyone. You can use anything in the public domain.

3. Please do not use any video/photos/or other copyrighted material without the consent of the owner of the material (for instance, you can't use another artists image or name, or a snippet of a motion picture, etc.). We reserve the right to disqualify any submissions with copyrighted material.

4. Video must include the following information...the Song Title and Ron’s name. Be creative with how you display the information!

5. Once your video is complete, email it via Megaupload (or a similar file sending site) to

Videos will be uploaded to the Lukas Rossi Official YouTube page . In order to make the counts more accurate please do not re-post on YouTube but rather post the link to your video on the official page to get your counts up there. Feel free to upload your video to any other location/website.

Good Luck and most importantly, ENJOY!

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